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Vomiting due to Car Motion Sickness & What to Give Dogs

Oct 01, 2015


jacqueline darna

Natural relief for your car sick pup

With the No Mo Nausea Dog band coming out onto the market, I can't help but be excited to tell stories about some of our best canine friends. 

My dog vomits everytime we get into the car, even for a 15 minute road trip.  I tried everything from thunder jackets to not feeding him.  When the idea of a dog band came to mind I had to be the first one to try it and I couldn't believe that he did not throw up once on our 24 hour road trip.  Their acupressure point is found 2 inches from the front paw and since they have a better sense of smell, they do not need to have to bring their paw up to sniff.

There's a dog that my girlfriend and I walk in the afternoon named Parker. We aren't completely sure of his age, but he's not an old dog and he's overall a very healthy mutt with zero issues... besides his fear of a typical thunderstorm like a lot of other dogs. I wanted to bring him up though because there has been several occasions where the poor guy threw up after our walks. We think it's because he likes to lick or chew on the grass and, in their area, they like to spray pesticides everywhere. I'm not sure how to tell if a dog is nauseous or not, but I feel like the No Mo Nausea band could make him feel better during times like that.




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