C Section: What you need to know about a Cesarean section

What do you need to know about a c-section

What You Need to Know About a C-Section?

Learn the truth about cesarean sections from your favorite doctor, why you might need one (a doctors’ reason for being quick with the knife), ways to avoid a c section, helpful post c-section recovery tips, and what spinal anesthesia is and how does it give pain relief for the procedure.

August 09, 2021 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Labor & Delivery with Aromatherapy

Birth Beautifully with Essential Oils

Your birth should be exactly the meaning of those words: YOUR BIRTH. Every mother, every baby, every family is unique, thus you have the power to make your birth truly your own. We will particularly delve into how essential oils such as peppermint, lavendar, and clary sage can make your labor and birth plan more comforting and unique. Read on to find out how to reduce stress and nausea during your delivery!

September 30, 2019 by Maya Glander

Delivery Fears for First Time Pregnant Moms: Pooping during delivery fear or fate?

Pooping during delivery. Does everyone do it? Common pregnancy fear...Pooping during delivery is it fear or just fate? A majority of women poop during delivery and it is caused by strenuous pushing. Click to see if your at risk.
June 24, 2015 by jacqueline darna

Sex after delivery: Your girlfriends guide for what to expect when it's your first time

Finding the time for sex and the energy after adapting to a newborn is not only difficult but you have to get creative. Theme songs of your childs favorite cartoon/TV show will become four play for you and your husband. 
    It is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks to allow your body to heal both vaginally or via the abdominal muscles of a C-section. Mothers who delivered vaginally may experience more pain and burning in the vagina during their first intercourse after delivering. Make sure to have lots of lubricant and make sure all stitches are healed prior to introducing the trauma of a penis. Spotting may occur after sex as well.
   For c-section mothers, cramping in the abdomen or pain at the suture line may occur. Relaxin the hormone produced durng pregnancy to relax the hips to open the birthing canal may give you a false sense of flexibility. Muscle cramps and possible disjointed hips are possible but less common.
June 22, 2015 by jacqueline darna