Lightheadedness During Pregnancy and Solutions

The majority of pregnant women describe dizziness as feeling off-balance and lightheadedness as feeling as if you might faint. Although dizziness is not usually serious, it could be a warning sign to be more careful. It is important to monitor and take note of any lightheadedness or of the sort during your pregnancy journey. 

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When Does An Embryo Become A Fetus?

Take a journey thru your baby’s life from conception all the way thru birth. Pregnancy is a miracle of the body and as a doctor I can’t wait to explain every week in gestation and what organs are forming. From when does an embryo become a fetus to at what age will my baby be viable.  

February 12, 2022 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Will I Give My Baby an Allergy if I Eat Peanuts While I'm Pregnant

natural remedies natural remedies for headaches home remedies homeopathic medicine alternative medicine natural remedies for anxiety

Pregnant women wonder if what they ate during pregnancy can cause their unborn baby to have food allergies. As a pregnancy doctor, I can’t wait to tell you the truth behind why babies get allergies, what are the 9 most common food allergens, and how to incorporate highly allergic foods slowly into your babies diet and when it’s the right time. 

October 29, 2021 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Can I Wear High Heels While Pregnant

Doubting about whether you should wear high heels while pregnant or not? You are not alone. There are hundreds of women asking the same questions over and over again. Today you will learn all the details about wearing heels during pregnancy and how it can impact your body and baby.

Can I wear high heels while pregnant?

When you are pregnant, your growing baby becomes the center of your attention. You go to the extent of avoiding certain things that may compromise the health of your growing baby. One such thing is to avoid wearing high heels. At the end of this article, you will know why wearing high heels during pregnancy is not a good idea.

Why should you avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy?

Many women who are used to wearing high heels find it challenging to avoid them while pregnant. But if you care for your unborn baby and yourself, wearing high heels is something to do away with until you have your baby. Here are reasons why you let go of high heels while pregnant.

  • Back pain
  • Pregnancy alters your body shape. The growing baby bump increases the weight of your body in your belly, causing pain. Wearing high heels makes the back pain even worse. They raise your center of gravity and shift your balance forward.

    Besides, pregnancy hormones make your ligament in your lower back, pelvis and lower limbs loosen and weak. High heels exert more pressure on your back joints and pelvis, resulting in back pain, joint pain, and joint instability. Therefore, let go of high heels while pregnant can significantly help in reducing back pain.

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    Here are other home remedies for the back while pregnant.

    • Wear low-heeled and sturdier shoes with better arch support.
    • Learn to maintain good posture, such as standing up straight, holding your chest tight, and avoiding locking your knees.
    • Practice sleeping on your side while bending one or both knees.
    • Perform moderate regular physical exercises such as walking.
  • Cramps on the calf muscles
  • Pregnancy worsens calf muscle cramps when you regularly wear high heels alter the position of the calf muscle.

  • Alter the balance
  • Pregnancy hormones and gaining extra weight while pregnant lower your ankles' strength, reducing the ability to maintain the balance of your body. Wearing heels increase your likelihood of losing balance and falling. This can make you and the unborn sustain injury.

  • Miscarriage
  • Miscarriage is one of the most common things that every pregnant woman doesn’t wish to happen. Therefore, you should avoid anything that increases your chances of having a miscarriage, including wearing high heels.

    High heels threaten your pregnancy by making reducing your balancing capacity leading to twisting and falls.

  • Lower limb swelling
  • Wearing high heels while pregnant won’t be comfortable as before. They worsen swelling at your ankles, feet, and legs, which are common when pregnant. Accumulation of fluid and the swelling of your lower limb may cause pain.

    Can you take advice while pregnant?

    The best thing to do when pregnant is to avoid wearing high heels. But, if you can’t really let go of heels while pregnant, then take this advice;

    • Wear low heels during the first trimester. During this period, pregnancy hormones are relatively low, and your muscles are less stretched.
    • Practice wearing sturdier and low heels.
    • Wear loose and comfortable shoes. This will reduce the swelling of your feet.
    • Let go of stilettos or kitten heels. They are thin, thus reduce your capacity to maintain balance.
    • Take breaks when you have to wear heels throughout the day. This allows your feet to relax before wearing heels again.
    • Do not stand for long when wearing heels during pregnancy. Instead, sit around regularly.
    • Try to replace high heels with flats during the day.
    • Practice stretching exercises when you experience calf pain while wearing high heels. Massaging your calf muscles might also help.

    While high heels may be fancy, wearing them while pregnant is not a good idea. Try being cautious if you have to wear high heels.

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    What's good for pregnancy sickness? Read this if you have morning sickness.

    PREGNANCY: What to expect before, during, & after expecting

    MORNING SICKNESS! Did you know that the pregnant women make up approximately 1% of the US population? That's 3,161,489 preggos!!! And over 86% of these 3 million ladies experience morning sickness during their first trimester. Calling all my pregnant ladies...You do not have to live your first 12-13 weeks worshiping the porcelain god. Take your life back and get rid of pregnancy induced nausea. Say "No Mo Nausea" with the No Mo Nausea Band. They make the best baby shower gifts too!

    Nausea and vomiting does not stop in the first trimester of the pregnancy. If you were anything like me during my first pregnancy, these bands could've really helped. Besides being moody and the normal other symptoms, my nausea and vomiting was the WORST. I lost a total of 17 pounds in the first 4-5 months on my pregnancy. I actually had people come up to me and tell me "Oh, wow you look great!", and I then had to express to them that I shouldn't have been losing so much weight.

    The nausea and vomiting resurfaces after having a C-section. The joys of enjoying your newborn after birth will have to go on hold after having a C-section. The recovery period that accompanies a C-section is fill with the wearing off anesthesia, pain and medications. Vomiting and nausea are side effects to this recovery period. To combat these side effects there are expensive pharmacological treatment that can be offered. However, there is now an inexpensive and all natural band called the NoMoNausea band. Using methanol as the primary product within the peppermint, the NoMoNausea band creates the spasmolytic effect to help with the nausea and vomiting.



    July 07, 2014 by jacqueline darna