What Causes Motion Sickness? Secret Behind the Seasickness Patch

what causes car sickness

What causes motion sickness?

Why do we get seasick? Many factors contribute to the motion sickness nausea sensed on a boat and we are going to get into each and every one. Along with how the seasickness patch works and other natural motion sickness remedies that actually work. 

July 02, 2021 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Clothes and Outfit Ideas for your next MSC Cruise

Clothes and Outfit Ideas for your next MSC Cruise

Cruises are the NEW summer beach vacations! And MSC Cruise Line is ready to send you on the cruise of your dreams. While beautiful locations and gorgeous MSC cruise ships are a check, make sure you have everything you need! Read on to know what to expect, what to pack and get cute outfit ideas, so your next cruise is one to remember!

July 26, 2018 by Maya Glander

All Inclusive Vacation: Cruise Packing List for First Time Cruisers

All Inclusive Vacations: Cruise Packing List for Motion Sickness

Ready to relax on your dream cruise? Make sure you're enjoying everything from the pool to the bar to the excursions instead of hiding in your cabin with motion sickness. PACK NoMo Nausea bands or another motion sickness remedy so you can experience your dream vacation.

February 26, 2018 by Maya Glander

"Deadliest Catch" Avoids Boat Loads of Sea Sickness

"Deadliest Catch" Avoids Boat Loads of Sea Sickness

Do you want to avoid sea sickness on your next day at sea? Then make sure to bring NoMo Nausea bands with you! From deep sea fishing trips to relaxing on the on the top deck of the cruise ship, they're sure to soothe any nausea that arises with their ingenious aromatherapy and acupressure technology.

November 13, 2017 by Maya Glander