Reason #21 Surgery

From your belly to your mouth, surgery has lots of complications, don't let post operative nausea and vomiting be one of them. 

Laparoscopic surgery is a less invasive form of surgery that utilize small cameras to do surgery that otherwise would have open.  Usually the surgeon makes from one up to five small incisions to see into the abdomen where they are working.  The abdomen stays inflated with carbon dioxide, the same gas that you exhale.  Insufflation of the abdomen, steep head down positioning, anesthetic gases, and the massive vagal response of picking up major organs can all lead to an increased risk of nausea and vomiting after surgery.  Not any more...Laparoscopic surgery is the perfect reason #21 for purchasing the No Mo Nausea Band.  So if you know anyone who is getting their gallbladder, appendix, uterus, or a piece of their colon removed don't send them into surgery without the No Mo Nausea Band.

Sedation dentistry uses Nitrous Oxide, which causes nausea & vomiting.  Nitrous is an inhalational gas that has anesthetic properties to make you not feel pain or to be “conscious” during the procedure.  It is great for anxious children and adults when they see the dentist.  Dentist offices do not have a full time nursing staff that can watch recovering patients, so it is important that the patients are not actively getting nauseated so they can go home same day.  Cosmetic dentist offices are welcoming the No Mo Nausea Band because it doesn’t interact with their prescribed medicines & it can help decrease the risk of vomiting during the procedure & while taking pain medicines.  After dental work your mouth is very sensitive to pressure differences, so one episode of emesis can reopen their repair & cause uncontrollable bleeding.  Why risk it?  Reason #28 to buy a No Mo Nausea Band.  Before they open your MOUTH put the band on so the procedure won’t go SOUTH!

July 28, 2014 by jacqueline darna
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