Reason #41- Altitude Sickness

   Today is the day that this Peruvian Princess was born. Machu Pichu is a frequently visited site in Peru, where my dad’s family comes from. It is absolutely breath taking & definitely something to put on the bucket list. Machu Pichu is a very high altitude and getting adjusted takes time & more red blood cells. For anyone who is use to sea level elevation, the change is dramatic and altitude sickness ensues. Coca tea (made from cocaine leaves) is the Peruvian peoples remedy of choice, but this Peruvian uses the No Mo Nausea Band instead so that I can keep my license as an anesthetist and not fail a drug test due to cocaine in my system. Reason #41 to grab one and go to Peru.

     Do you have a vacation planned in the mountains? Are you planning on hiking? Skip altitude sickness with the No Mo Nausea Band. The band prevents anxiety and the feeling of being nauseous. The band has a fresh scent of Peppermint and Menthol. The band combines acupressure with aromatherapy. Now you climb mountains with the No Mo Nausea Band.

       High altitudes correspond with low pressure. Less oxygen is in the air, making the brain sense the body is hypoxic and nauseous. This is called altitude sickness and reason #37. Brain loves oxygen so it is the organ that steals the most amount of blood flow. Mount Elbert highest peak in the Rocky mountains peaking at 14,440 ft. Climbing it would be a rush, a rush of nausea that is. For all my adventures out there, don’t forget a No Mo Nausea Band for the hike.      

     Mountain climbing brings dehydration, lower levels of oxygen and muscle tension. Peppermint oil aroma opens up the nasal passageway. With unrestricted passageways, oxygen is able to travel to the brain freely and excessively. The increased intake of oxygen helps relieve headaches and dehydration. Along with the peppermint aroma, acupressure helps with the muscle contractions to relax and reduce muscle tension.  



August 14, 2014 by jacqueline darna
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