Reason #46 Deadliest Catch

Have you ever watched the deadliest catch? How do they not get sea sickness? The answer is reason #46, the No Mo Nausea Band. Sea sickness is the communication between the vestibular function of the inner ear, the eyes, and the brain. The No Mo Nausea band functions by two different physiologic systems. Aromatherapy of natural peppermint oil helps to smooth the active nausea by the direct antihistamine action of Menthol on the gut. Acupressure releases endorphins at the skin surface at P6, and allows for an increase in serotonin antagonist that helps to decrease motion sickness first 72 hours. The band has to be waterproof because when catching crabs you will wet.

There's nothing worst than not being able to enjoy your vacation because your sea sick. Say No Mo Sea-Sickness with the No Mo Nausea Band. Reason #8 to buy one today. The best part is you don't have to remove the band while showering, in the pool, or on aquatic excursions.  The No Mo Nausea Band is completely waterproof & the peppermint aromatherapy scent will not diminish for the 72 hours of consecutive use. 

August 25, 2014 by jacqueline darna
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