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Pink Medium to XL Adult Wrists - Set of 2

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Brand NoMoNauseaBand

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Natural Relief with Acupressure Bands

Have you ever had an upset stomach or nausea kill a great day with the family? What about a migraine or nagging headache?

NoMo Nausea is here to provide relief to your whole family! Our acupressure bands combined with peppermint aromatherapy provide the ideal answer for natural migraine relief and a nausea remedy. NoMo Nausea’s acupressure bands provide relief for your car sick kids as well. We have a safe, natural alternative to anti-nausea meds backed by over 30 years of medical research & trusted by U.S. doctors.

Learn about how acupressure bands are a proven and effective nausea remedy to alleviate your morning sickness or motion sickness. NoMo Nausea Bands are so versatile they also provide natural migraine relief – give them a try today!


Going Under in Routine Colonoscopies

Colonic spasms may occur in a routine colonoscopy. The most natural way to treat this side effect is by the scent of peppermint. Learn how the NoMo Nausea Band can help you have a quicker and safer colonoscopy. 

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Put A "Band" On Cancer

Experiencing nausea from chemotherapy? Well we've got a product that will cure all of your problems. The NoMo Nausea band helps with the nausea you experience from chemotherapy.

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Distressing Heart Surgery Side Effects

Have you recently had open heart surgery? The aftermath of this serious operation can be quite unpleasant. Learn how to naturally treat these side effects. 


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