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Our PPE safety kit (I know some of you are asking what is PPE: Personal Protection Equipment) includes all the basic essentials the average person will need for protection from the coronavirus during these hard times. Created by a Doctor and Mother to keep you and your family protected!

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  Essential Corona Kit with mask hand santitizer gloves and NoMo Band

Face Mask

Adjustable mask US made breathable washable 3 ply mask  Our kit comes with a fun face mask either the adjustable colorful mask made in the U.S.A or a black loop behind the ear mask in a throwback to the 80's protection MC Hammer style!  The adjustable mask comes in adult and kids sizes and are perfect for keeping your N95 or KN95 masks clean since you wear them over top of the them and then can wash them since they are a 3 ply mask. 


Hand Sanitizer

A easy to use spray on hand sanitizer that are usually super expensive right now as people are buying them up in bulk and reselling them.

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15mL of Isopropyl alcohol made in the USA to keep your hands disinfected after you come out of the store 

Medical Gloves

A certified pair of FDA approved medical gloves blue nitrile that are made with no rubber latex, that are super hard to find and basically sold out everywhere! Size is a one size fits most. 


NoMo Nausea Band

A NoMo Nausea Band

A nude color NoMo Nausea Band! These are great to keep you stress free and keep the nausea away in case you contract any kind of sickness!  Stop cold and flu upset stomach in seconds with our clinically proved wristband used in hospitals a cross the country. 

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Couples PPEKIT

FAMILY PPE KIT (2 adults & 2 kids)


*Are you buying in bulk for a large company, hospital, transportation company, food prep service, hotel, restaurant, grocery store, retailer, or anyone that wants to keep your employees and customers safe during COVID19 reopening?
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We have millions of disposable masks: 3ply, 3M N95, KN95
Gloves 100 count boxes sold per case: nitrile, latex, and vinyl
Gowns: isolation & surgical level 1 thru 4
Hand Sanitizers: sprays, gel, or just straight alcohol by the barrels
And more: face shields, decontamination/cleaning products, thermometers