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Pregnancy Brain! Improve memory and brain function while pregnant

 Why are you suddenly forgetting everything? Fear not, for pregnancy brain is here!

Have you been struggling to remember where you left those darn car keys every morning? How about the wallet you just placed on what you thought was the countertop? Well pregnancy brain is all too real, and it affects up to 80% of pregnant women! The reason behind it is very legitimate and real, and so are the tips and tricks we cover today for helping improve memory!

January 14, 2021 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Entrepreneur Motivation thru Entrepreneurship Quotes

Entrepreneur Motivation thru Entrepreneurship Quotes

Motivational Quotes

Did you know that every time you turn on the light in your bathroom, or walk into a building, or ride in an elevator or step onto a plane, you are benefiting from women's ingenuity? Dr. Jacqueline Darna is one of those women. NoMo Bands’ founder and CEO helped create a medical wristband for nausea, migraines, and sleep called NoMo Wristbands, that has been manufactured and used by some of the world’s largest hospitals & businesses in the world. Here are some valuable entrepreneurship quotes I've created along the way that I thought I would share with you called Entrepreneur Inspiration.

December 30, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Why do pregnant women crave pickles?

why do pregnant women crave pickles

Why do pregnant women crave pickles?

What are your pregnancy cravings and what is your body trying to tell you?  Get the 9 most common cravings like pickles. Learn which taste bud is responsible, and what nutrients you could be lacking by not giving into your food cravings.

December 30, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

What Can I take for Congestion while Pregnant?

Pregnancy sinus congestion

Pregnancy Congestion & What Can You Take for Congestion While Pregnant

Are you pregnant and have a stuffy nose all day long? Why am I always congested? I bet you know one told you about pregnancy rhinitis, so I will because 18-24% will have this unexpected side effect of pregnancy nasal congestion. You will learn science behind why pregnancy congestion is so common; the symptoms of pregnancy sinus congestion which can lead to headaches, 6 natural ways to help naturally prevent nasal congestion, and what can you take for congestion when pregnant.
December 08, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Is it safe to get a flu shot while pregnant?

is it safe to get a flu shot if I'm pregnant

Is it safe to get a flu shot while pregnant? 

To get vaccinated or not to vaccinate now that is the question especially while you are pregnant. This pregnancy edition of the flu shot science is to help you best understand what the flu shot is, any risks to the unborn baby, and medical recommendations about the flu shot in pregnancy so you can make up your mind as to whether or not you’ll go under the needle.
November 24, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

When do you find out the sex of the baby?

how to find out the sex of the baby

When do you find out the sex of the baby?

Planning an amazing gender reveal party, or desperately want to know if you'll be a boy or girl mom? There are 4 different medical technologies for gender prediction, plus how accurate is a Chinese conception chart, and the science behind some old wives tales that can tell you the signs and symptoms if you’re having a boy or girl in early pregnancy.
November 10, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Help Your Woman Out: The Guide For Soon To Be Fathers

 Help Your Woman Out: The Guide For Soon To Be Fathers

1st time dads guide thru pregnancy

Want to know how to ease the discomfort of morning sickness your pregnant loved one faces? And make sure you get sleep tonight? Learn how NoMo Nausea bands are a gift of comfort for expecting parents.

October 28, 2020 by jacqueline darna

How to Cure Hip Pain During Pregnancy?

How to cure hip bursitis in pregnancy

Birthing Hips & How to Cure Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Ever wonder how do your hips prepare for childbirth? Or how babies skulls are made to allow for squeezing thru small spaces at birth? Get ready to learn about how your body changes to get ready for delivery, exercises designed to get your hips ready for birthing, and the most common type of pregnant hip pain. Plus 4 natural ways to reduce hip pain during pregnancy!

October 14, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna
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What makeup to avoid when pregnant?

what cosmetics to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy Glow & Makeup Brands to Avoid During Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered why all pregnant women have a “glow” about them? I’m about to tell you how your skin changes during pregnancy: the good, the bad, and the ugly what gives you that pregnancy glow plus weird skin conditions that no one talks about during your pregnancy. Here’s a bonus, a list unsafe makeup brands & hair care products to avoid. 
October 02, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna

The Pregnancy Heart - Cardiovascular Changes During Pregnancy

heartbeat in pregnancy

Cardiovascular Changes during Pregnancy

Did you know your heart changes when you’re pregnant?  All women’s heart physiologically will change during pregnancy, so cardiac abnormalities are surprisingly common & be ready for a faster heart beat.
Have you ever wondered why women are so moody during pregnancy? Learn the science behind pregnant mood swings, plus tips on how to help mood swings during pregnancy!
September 21, 2020 by Dr. Jacqueline Darna