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Keep pregnancy nausea at bay.
Find the right bracelet + essential
oil combination for you.

Enjoy a stress-free drive with our bands.
Say goodbye to nausea when taking a trip.

Your dog can enjoy a better trip
with NoMo Nausea bracelet

Natural relief in seconds. Find
which essential oil + pressure
bracelet is best for you!

NoMo Nausea Relief Bracelets & Natural Sleep Remedy Bands

Natural Relief with Scented Bands

Natural Relief with Scented Bands

Created by a mother in need, the NoMo bands are here to provide relief to you and your whole family! Our clinically proven and patented bands combine the cooling peppermint scent with gentle pressure to provide a natural and drug-free relief for the mind, body, and upset stomach.

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Fast Acting

No Side Effects


Restful & Calming


NoMo Bands unify three holistic medical modalities: complimentary & alternative medicine, distraction technology, and soothing cool peppermint scent into one easy to use, waterproof, latex-free elastic wristband.
do nausea bands work?

Nausea Relief & Migraine Bracelet Testimonials

I'm able to sit here and eat this pizza without any nausea. Also believe it or not these NoMo bracelets for motion sickness really helped with being car sick as well. Game changing morning sickness relief!

Veronica S.

I’ve been struggling with all-day sickness from my pregnancy since the 5-week mark (I’m 11.5 weeks now) and I’ve been taking prescription medication without much relief until NoMo Nausea Relief Bracelets!

Lauren T.

Love these bands!! NoMo Migraine bracelet was exactly what I needed in my 2nd trimester because the headaches were horrible. And I love the smell of their bracelets for motion sickness.

Kacie W.

Helps so much with my pregnancy! Gave me the much needed morning sickness relief. And the peppermint oil gave me some extra energy too.

Francesca W.


The idea for the NoMo Nausea relief bracelets came about when the inventor and founder, Dr. Jacqueline Darna, a naturopathic physician and anesthesia provider, was giving birth to her second child. Our NoMo bracelets for motion sickness, relief band for migraines, and natural sleep remedy have been featured on ABC, NBC, Daytime, & The Today's Show.

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