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Natural Relief with Acupressure Bands

Have you ever had an upset stomach or nausea kill a great day with the family? What about a migraine or nagging headache?

NoMo Nausea is here to provide relief to your whole family! Our acupressure anti nausea bands combined with peppermint aromatherapy provide the ideal answer for natural migraine relief, stress headache relief, and a nausea and vomiting remedy. This is not your typical old 1980's looking sea-band, psi band, or relief band, our bands are essential oil infused, stylish, and waterproof.

Clinically proven a safe alternative for morning sickness relief that is backed by OBGYN's around the country.  NoMo Nausea’s anti nausea acupressure bracelet for motion sickness provides relief for your car sick kids too. We have a safe, natural alternative to nausea relief medicine backed by over 30 years of medical research & trusted by U.S. doctors.

Learn about how acupressure bands are a proven and effective nausea remedy for how to stop nausea from pregnancy or to alleviate your morning sickness or motion sickness. NoMo Nausea Bands are so versatile they also provide natural migraine relief – give them a try today!


Travel Nausea Free For Less

In life, there are many things that can make each moment worth living. For some, it can be the adrenaline rush you get from skydiving but if you're like me I get the real rush from traveling.  Get all the secrets to make every trip an enjoyable one!

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Let's Get Unmedicated

Let's Get Unmedicated

Take heart medication? Going through dialysis? Try a new healthy, natural way to stop the side effects from these harsh treatments. Your life does not have to be filled with doses and unpleasant tastes of horse pills. Try the holistic way instead, with the NoMoNausea band.  If you are dealing with dioxin toxicity, you may feel sick after taking your heart medication. With the NoMo Nausea band, you can stop nausea before it starts. The wristband works by using acupressure and aromatherapy. The band is infused with menthol and peppermint oil. The band is drug free and safe to use.

The pains from dialysis, may cause feelings of nausea and even vomiting. You can prevent the symptoms with the NoMo Nausea band. The band does not have any known side effects. It uses acupressure and aromatherapy to prevent nausea. The band has a sweet scent of peppermint. Stop the symptoms, naturally, with NoMo Nausea.


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Reducing The Stresses for Expecting Parents: Yoga, Herbal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and More

Preparing for child birth is a difficult task. The combination of the pressures from preparations before delivering baby and the annoying pregnant symptoms can become nightmare for any couples. Therefore, many couples are seeking multiple different ways to reduce the pregnant symptoms, thus reducing half of the stresses they have to cope with yoga. Learn all the stress relieving moves here. 

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