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Pink Medium to XL Adult Wrists - Set of 2

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Brand NoMoNauseaBand

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Natural Relief with Acupressure Bands

Have you ever had an upset stomach or nausea kill a great day with the family? What about a migraine or nagging headache?

NoMo Nausea is here to provide relief to your whole family! Our acupressure bands combined with peppermint aromatherapy provide the ideal answer for natural migraine relief and a nausea and vomiting remedy. NoMo Nausea’s acupressure bands provide relief for your car sick kids. We have a safe, natural alternative to anti-nausea meds backed by over 30 years of medical research & trusted by U.S. doctors.

Learn about how acupressure bands are a proven and effective nausea remedy to alleviate your morning sickness or motion sickness. NoMo Nausea Bands are so versatile they also provide natural migraine relief – give them a try today!


Reducing The Stresses for Expecting Parents: Yoga, Herbal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and More

Being parents is a difficult job. Preparing for being parents is also a difficult task. There are so many works and processes that need to be done for couples who are expecting a child. At the same time, the pregnant wives have to endure the annoying morning sickness symptoms from pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, migraine and headache. The combination of the pressures from preparations before delivering baby and the annoying pregnant symptoms can become nightmare for any couples. Therefore, many couples are seeking multiple different ways to reduce the pregnant symptoms, thus reducing half of the stresses they have to cope with.

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Headache Cure due to prescription glasses

One of the worst types of headaches is when you are not able to see. Losing your glasses, experiencing eye surgery, or ripping your last pair of contacts, either way you are in pain. Find help now.

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What is Appendicitis? How do you treat it?

Do you or a loved one have pain in the right lower quadrant of the stomach?  Then you may have Appendicitis, also known as an inflamed appendix. Learn what it is & ways to ease your symptoms while you seek immediate medical attention.

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