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"I truly believe in your product. My son has suffered with an autoimmune disease for several years. 99.9 % of the time he is unable to finish his meals. He has lost a significant amount of weight due to severe nausea. We received the Bands yesterday. He has been able to eat all of his meals in their entirety or very close to since we literally put them on his wrist. Thank you for your product. I am a lifetime customer. I guess my only question is do you sell in bulk?" @Facebook Rachel Rounds

"Thank you, Jacqueline Darna for joining us on our radio program. Your segment will air next weekend. The band's you handed out came in useful this weekend. Started getting a migraine and feeling nauseated. I immediately opened the bag and put them on. I still have them on right now and it kept me from getting ill. A true believer in NoMo Nausea." -Kimberly Bermel Radio Host of American Medicine Today

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Natural Relief with Scented Bands

Created by a mother in need, the NoMo bands are here to provide relief to you and your whole family! Our clinically proven and patented bands combine the cooling peppermint scent with gentle pressure to provide a natural and drug free relief for the mind, body, and upset stomach.

Our bands are in hospitals, doctors offices and surgical rooms across the country. Nomo has been featured on ABC, NBC, Daytime, & The Today's Show. We have been honored with such accolades as: Forbes Magazine, Surgical Product of the Year Nominee, Eco Family Friendly Product by KIWI magazine, Celebrity Mom Choice Award from Star Magazine, the anti-nausea product of choice by NAUI scuba divers world wide, iheart radio's most innovative business nominee, & Small Business of the Year Finalist.

Try one today. We guarantee you will love it.