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 Sniff Away Migraines Instantly: NoMo Migraine Bracelet - The Rapid Cooling Essential Oil + Pressure Headache Bracelet

Bid farewell to migraines in seconds with NoMo Migraine Bracelet– the clinically proven, doctor-created solution for immediate and effective migraine relief band providing natural relief from headaches. Our dual-action essential oil-infused pressure point migraine bracelet not only stops your current headache by being a natural headache relief but also extends the time between migraines. This bundle is made for chronic migraine suffers because you never know when migraine symptoms like the pressure behind your eyes will strike, so keep No Mo Migraine Band in your car, purse, diaper bag, and definitely at work. Or if your employees work from home, remote work, or do computer work and their eyes get strained causing headaches, be a good boss and buy NoMo Migraine in bulk so productivity stays high, you'll thank me later. NoMo Bands are FSA eligible items and HSA approved anti migraine bracelet.

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**Bundle and SAVE**

6 packages 1 band per package (6 bracelets total)

Feel the Relief All Day: NoMo Migraine Relief Band- Your Trendy and Enduring Pressure Point Headache Bracelet

Migraine Relief Band Benefits

  • Fast Acting (starts working in as little as 2 minutes)
  • Soothing aromatherapy infused into a surgical grade acupressure bracelet
  • Natural headache relief - safe during pregnancy when second trimester symptoms like headaches hit don't you just love hormone levels during pregnancy?!?!
  • Drug free
  • Waterproof Wear
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks once opened.  Over 5 years in original sealed package (1 bracelet per package)
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed and FREE SHIPPING with any orders over $20!

Gentle Relief for Moms-to-Be: NoMo Migraine Bracelet- The Natural Pregnancy-Approved Relief Band for Migraines

Most people with brain pain ask "what's the difference between headache and migraine" but when using NoMo Migraine Bracelet, a natural headache remedy, you don't have to worry because it works on both for the immediate headache relief at home and how to prevent a migraine. 

Doctor Recommended Natural Headache Relief for: 

  • migraine symptoms
  • migraine aura
  • hemiplegic migraine
  • tension headache relief
  • cluster headaches
  • constant headaches
  • pregnancy headache relief
  • ocular migraine
  • migraine headaches
  • allergy or sinus headache
  • hormone headaches
  • caffeine headaches
  • exertion headaches
  • sinus headache relief
  • hypertension headaches
  • rebound headaches
  • post-traumatic headaches

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