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Why do dogs get car sick? They, like humans, have a puke center of the brain called the CTZ (chemoreceptor trigger zone) and when exposed to changes with their eyes balance they too will experience nausea and most likely vomiting. That means a lot of cleaning for you pet parents, well NOMO! 
Dog car sickness natural remedy - NoMo Nausea Dog

How does NoMo Nausea Dog work?

Combining dual action pressure point and aromatherapy of essential oil of peppermint, our doctor invented NoMo Nausea Dog to work in seconds. All you have to do is place NoMo Nausea Dog on their anti-nausea pressure point and since dogs have a better sense of smell they will continuously be getting the medical essential oils the fastest way into their brain, thru the nose. Finally there is a dog car sickness natural remedy that works and doesn't make them drowsy, dry mouth, or have blurred vision. Guess what?!?!  We have the largest study preformed by La Universidad de Lima Veterinarian School on over 50 car sick dogs, and result was NoMo Nausea Band works to stop these dogs from vomiting on the car ride when our dog band was placed.  You can now buy NoMo Nausea Dog at or our website if you want to have an incredible road trip, family fun boating adventure, or a comfortable plane ride.


How does NoMo Nausea Dog work

Dogs get car sick

Did you know that 1 out of 6 dogs experience car sickness? And the majority of dog lovers use medication that doesn't even help stop their puppy from experiencing motion sickness? It's because motion sickness pills for dogs cross the blood brain barrier, which is a fancy word for causes terrible side effects, but the dogs puke center of the brain is outside of the blood brain barrier. This is why dog car sickness & benadryl don't work! At the puke center of the brain is where NoMo Nausea Dog works helping to coat the nausea receptors with anti-nausea hormones so the dogs will get long lasting relief before they get into a car, plane, or train.  The anti-nausea hormones created by NoMo Nausea Dog stay with your pup for 12 hours even after the band has been removed. 
natural remedies for dog car sickness

Natural remedies for dogs

Dogs are part of the family and need to be treated as such, so pet parents think outside the pill box, and go for natural remedies for your dog. Dog nausea home remedy include: ginger, peppermint oil in their water, feeding them the outside of the apple but these are things they have to eat and no one that feels sick wants to eat anything. Instead try NoMo Nausea Dog, you just put it on the acupuncture site for nausea in dogs and they smell it to stop them from vomiting in seconds. Natural remedies for nausea in dogs isn't just for motion sickness but can be used for thunderstorm, firework, or anxiety induce nausea, changing their food, undergoing surgery, chemotherapy in cancer, and so much more.  If you see your fur babies salivating or eating grass, that's a sign that their stomach is upset and the best thing for you to do is throw on their NoMo Nausea Dog band for natural nausea relief for dogs. 

natural anti nausea for dogs

Puppy car sickness

dog nausea home remedy62% of dogs experience car sickness for the first time when they are puppies, and do you really want to give your puppy motion sickness pills? NO! They are your fur babies and our bands work for medium to extra large dogs, and having a pitbull puppy myself, he can wear NoMo Nausea Dog without a problem and doesn't get car sick anymore. 

Story behind the brand - 5 year old inventor

Hi my name is Dr. Jacqueline Darna and I'm the CEO and medical inventor of NoMo Bands. I own the patent for essential oil infused acupressure products like NoMo Nausea, NoMo Migraine, and NoMo Sleepless Nights. I am a Hispanic women owned small business that was in the board room and I asked "does anyone have any concluding thoughts?"  My son at 5 raises his little hand and said "mommy you have a NoMo Nausea Band for your vertigo, NoMo Nausea for daddy's sea sickness, NoMo Migraine for Aunt Amy, but Bachelor (our dog) throws up on my shoes every time we ride in the car. Can you make a NoMo Nausea Dog Band?"  And that's exactly what I did.  From my family to yours thank you for your purchase and support and I'm happy to announce we've been on over 10 family trips without any cleaning up the car thanks to NoMo Nausea!