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NoMo Nausea Kids is the motion sickness medicine for kids that's NOT medication at all. Have you tried Dramamine for kids or maybe even Bonine for kids and your child is sleepy and still sick in the car? Well NOMO! NoMo Nausea sea-band kids is an anti-nausea natural home remedy for toddlers and children ages 2 and older. It works in seconds to stop nausea and vomiting by combining our 3:1 patented peppermint essential oil infused pressure motion sickness bracelets that is waterproof, comes in lots of different colors (nausea relief bundle) and smells great too. 

home remedies for nausea in kids

NoMo Nausea is better than Sea Bands for Kids

🌿 Pressure & Aromatherapy| Nausea relief band for kids by pressure on the P6 pressure point on the wrist and soothing peppermint essential oils for motion sickness! 

🍃 Natural & Safe| Provides a drug-free approach to relieve your child’s upset tummy, naturally relieving nausea without side effects!

🌼 Natural Nausea Medicine for Kids| Motion sickness bracelet for kids, drug-free! 

🌸 Fast & Effective| Relieves your child’s nausea in seconds, is fast-acting, and long-lasting to keep your child from feeling sick all day! 

🌳 Comfortable & Convenient| Easy to use, your child to wear, and easy for parents or kids to pack with them whether it's a road trip, a vacation cruise, or an airplane! 

🌊 Waterproof| Can be worn in the water, and your child can wear it while swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling to avoid any belly aches and nausea!


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Key Product Feature: 

  • Pressure band and aromatherapy combined to provide nausea relief 
  • Essential oils to help with nausea
  • Natural peppermint essential oil infusion 
  • Drug-free and waterproof 
  • Natural Latex-free wristband 
  • Fast-acting and long-lasting results
  •  3.5-6.25” around the wrist

Toddler car sick remedies

Intended Use:

Kids nausea and vomiting relief, car sickness relief, sea sickness relief, air sickness relief, side-effects of medication nausea relief, chemotherapy nausea relief, postoperative nausea relief, cold and flu nausea relief, dental procedure nausea relief, video game screen nausea relief, computer screen nausea relief, and more.