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The NoMo Migraine bracelet unifies three holistic medical approaches: complimentary & alternative medicine pressure point, distraction technology, and aromatherapy by infusing a combination of peppermint essential oils into one easy to use waterproof latex-free elastic wristband. How it works. (Video)

How home remedies for migraines work


Peppermint oil for migraine reliefPEPPERMINT AROMATHERAPY Natural peppermint oil is infused in the NoMo Migraine Band. The fastest way to your brain is through your nose, so you can get instant relief by smelling the band. Menthol, the active ingredient in peppermint oil, has been linked to  increasing oxygenation to the brain which also helps relieve headaches!


Migraine relief acupressure point

COMPLIMENTARY & ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE This holistic technique has been used for over 23 centuries. P6, also called the vascular meridian, is the specific point on the underside of wrist located 3 fingers from the first wrist crease in between the pointer and middle finger tendon. Pressure only at P6 produces beta endorphins, also known as happy hormones that help increase the length of time until the next migraine occurs.  Our migraine bracelet works for 12-24 hours even after its been removed to help keep you headache free.

Recent studies theorize that acupressure causes low frequency electrical stimulation on the skin which increases tiny hormones that signal the brain to oppose headache signals. Helping to break the cycle of continuous headaches which can lead to migraines. 


Home remedies migraine
COOLING SENSATION ESSENTIAL OIL The secondary route of administration of the peppermint oil is through the skin and into your blood stream at a small concentration. This can happen within two minutes of wearing the band and this cooling sensation acts as a distraction, what we call neuromodulation in medicine. By changing temperature, pressure, and touch receptors, your brain is tricked into focusing on the band so that it forgets that you have a headache. 


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