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Introducing the first and only 3:1 sleep wristband designed to put you to sleep FASTER and keep you asleep LONGER naturally! Help your body produce more sleep hormone melatonin and get that good sleep with lavender essential oils sourced from the sleep capital of the world.

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How to Sleep Better?

I've got the perfect sleep solution for you and it involves targeting your body to make it's own melatonin, the sleep hormone, using our essential oils for sleep in a 3:1 wristband.  That's right, all you have to do is put it on a targeted point on your wrist minutes before you want to go to sleep and smell the calming lavender scent.  Our sleep essential oils are unlike any other insomnia product. Did you know most lavender oils have over 100 different components?  NoMo Sleepless Nights has sourced the lavender oils from the area in the world that extracts the most of this sleep component, allowing your body to help produce more of its own natural sleep hormone, melatonin. Allowing your body to get off to sleep faster and stay asleep longer, naturally! Celebrity moms learned of this secret sleep band, and now you can have it too. If you've tried everything and are ready for some rest, find your nearest CVS store and buy NoMo Sleepless Nights Kids today. 




How to fall fast asleep for kids?

   The best natural sleep aid is not just one remedy for sleep, but multiple. This is what in medicine we call a multi-modal approach. It's when the sleep center of the body is being given multiple sleep signals to relax, calm, and fall fast asleep. Putting you to sleep is not the only added benefit, but studies show putting our band on the spot listed on the back of the package actually helps your body make more sleep hormones and keeps you asleep longer too. No more making your little ones eat those gross melatonin gummies for kids, drink Zarbee's melatonin liquid, Vicks Pure Zzzs Kidz, or installing a toddler night light that won't be removed until they are a teenager. Imagine just telling them to put their NoMo Sleepless Night wristband on and smell the calming lavender while reading their favorite bedtime story.

Night terrors toddler?

Night Terrors are for real. Take it from me, doctor mom and mother of two. Why do you think I invented NoMo Sleepless Nights Kids? My son has ADHD and found it very hard to calm his mind, and bedtime was a difficult routine. I turned to essential oils of lavender and would use acupressure points before he went to sleep. He started sleeping through the night and no more night terrors once I started keeping continuous pressure on the sleep point while he was asleep. I started seeing positive changes at school, and I knew I had to use the same principles to help your children get fast asleep too. A goodnight makes an even better morning, so what are you waiting for? If you have small adult wrists, or your kids are night owls and are not falling asleep properly, then consider picking up our NoMo Sleepless Nights Products at your nearest retailer. Don't forget to look in the Children's Remedy section within CVS and if you are already there, grab a NoMo Nausea Band Kids for your next cruise vacation, Disney trip, or airplane ride to grandma's for the holidays so no one in the family experiences motion sickness.

 Sleep problems for women

  Are you part of the 70% of women who do not sleep well every night? Tired of swallowing a pill, drinking Zzzquil like it's wine, and being tired the next day? What about waking up because your sleep mask fell off your face? Or scared to medicate your kids because they won't perform well in school the next day?  If you said yes to one or more of these questions, start thinking outside the pill box. NoMo Sleepless Nights is the first and only wearable patented sleep wristband of it's kind. Drug-free, natural, non-habit forming, lavender scent, and works fast. Studies show the synergistic effect targeted essential oil delivery helps to improve sleep quality, decreases the time needed to get good REM sleep (also called sleep latency), and increases the length of sleep. I still can not believe that the National Institutes of Health estimates that 30% of the population have sleep disruptions, so bad that a third of them affect their daytime functions. 1.5 million adults have reported taking some over the counter OTC sleep aid mainly with melatonin, which suppresses your bodies production of your own sleep hormone.  

NoMo Sleepless Nights was developed by a Naturopathic Physician and mom to help her little ones go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.  So what are you waiting for, you're one hand away from a great night sleep today!