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Print sizing cut out below. Cut along dotted lines and hole above NoMo Nausea logo. Place paper on wrist and insert small end into hole.  Pull until it stops. If BLUE order a SMALL band, if GREEN order a LARGE band. 

Place one NoMo band on a wrist of your choice at P6, see picture for details then simply smell during waves of nausea or when you have a headache. It's that easy!


The Chinese meridian point P6, named Nei-Guan point, is used for the treatment of headaches, nausea and vomiting. Instructions for use of the NoMo Nausea Band simplify this location as three fingers from the first wrist crease in between the pointer and middle finger tendons.  Figure 1 details the location, which pronounces the tendons if the “okay sign” is made by connecting the first finger with the thumb.  

The elastic complimentary & alternative medicine band applied pressure is held into positioning approximately 0.5 cm deep to the skin at the P6 point. Correct pressure may correspond with a mild redness at the pressure point location. Application at any other location other than P6 will not decrease headache discomfort nausea or vomiting. 


Soothing Cool Peppermint Scent 

The fastest way into the brain is thru the nose.  When smelling your NoMo Wristbands your lungs will be the first to encounter the essential oils from your anti nausea band and will help open your lungs sending more oxygen to the brain.  This is one of the ways NoMo Migraine helps to stop the headache cycle. The digestive system will also thank you because the peppermint helps to relax the smooth muscle of the gut and stops the retching before you throw up. Pregnant women suffering with morning sickness and during delivery have also seen the positive values of NoMo Nausea by opposing nausea frequently associated with pushing during childbirth. 

Essential Oil

When the NoMo Nausea Band is worn properly the soothing cooling peppermint essential oil will act as a distraction technology, helping the brain to forget your sick in conjunction with the anti-nausea hormones being activated when placed at P6 on the wrist even before experiencing sea sickness, travel sickness, or car sickness.

Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

Complimentary & alternative medicine wristbands like sea bands, psi bands, and NoMo Nausea all work by opposing nauseating signals sent from the brain to the stomach.  Pressure on the median nerve that lies underneath the P6 point causes a release of beta endorphins, also known as anti nausea hormones that contacts 4 of the 5 anti sea sickness receptors.  



Nausea and vomiting can be associated with serious conditions. Anti-nausea wristbands are not for everyone, contact your physician if symptoms persist. Although complimentary & alternative medicine may be effective on its own or when combined with other therapies, it should not be used as a replacement for doctor prescribed treatment. Stop wearing the band if skin irritation, pain, swelling, or numbness of the fingers occur. Your pulse should be palpable on the radial artery. If you have reduced circulation or neuropathy of the arms or hands please contact your physician before use. This is not a toy, or edible, and can be a choking hazard. Keep out of the reach of young children.

Disclaimer: This drug free wristband is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.