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1. How is this different from other complimentary & alternative medicine bands? The NoMo Nausea and Migraine bands incorporate natural soothing cool peppermint scent infused into each complimentary & alternative medicine band to provide fast acting relief. Fast acting soothing cool peppermint scent, peppermint oil absorption, with long-lasting complimentary & alternative medicine band makes our waterproof and stylish sickness bands a unique and instant way to stop nausea. Our 3:1 patented anti nausea product is 50% more effective than the old fashion mind-body bracelet like sea-band, psi band, or relief band.

3. How long do I wear the NoMo Nausea Bands?

As long as the nausea, headache or migraine persists.  72 hours is the recirculation time for anti-nausea hormones created while wearing the NoMo band so effects may level out.  You can even wear it while showering, in the pool, or at a waterpark because the bands are completely waterproof.  Just put the bands back into their package to preserve the peppermint oil and put them back on when needed. 

4. Will the anti-nausea effect lasts after I take the bands off?

Yes.  Studies prove that complimentary & alternative medicine upon the P6 point has a lasting effect for 12-24 hours after the bands have been removed.  

5. Will the adult band fit everyone?

No. The NoMo Nausea Bands are a one size fits most and are available in 2 sizes: small & large.  If the band is a little big, apply the pressure point to the P6 point then pull the front side of the band at an angle higher up on the arm making the band tighter.  If your wrist is less than 6.25 inches around please purchase the small size. 

6. How much pressure is needed to achieve relief?

No studies have pin pointed the exact amount of pressure needed, but matching comfort on the wrist with adequate pressure is the ultimate goal.  The NoMo band is easy to use and will apply the appropriate pressure without having to think about it.  


7. How do NoMo Migraine help stop headaches and migraines?

Break the current headache and help prevent future migraines with our 3 in 1 stylish & sweat proof wristband, NoMo Migraine.

1. Fast acting soothing cool peppermint scent enters the brain through your nose. The smell increases oxygenation to help break the current headache cycle within seconds. 

2. Distraction technology of peppermint essential oil helps to make you forget you are having the current headache due to the cooling sensation on the rest. Peppermint essential oil is also an arterial vasoconstrictor (like caffeine helps to narrow the artery so it decreases pounding headaches) helping to decrease the pounding headache but is a Venodilator (creates an oxygen pool) allowing for more pulling of oxygen when you need it most.

3. Complimentary & alternative medicine at P6 activates anti-headache hormones called endorphins when constant pressure is applied on the wrist. These "happy hormones" helps to prolong the time until the next migraine strikes. 

8. Are there any side effects of the NoMo Band?

The NoMo bands are free from side effects, but we recommend that you speak with your physician first if you have neuropathy of the arms or hands or if you have reduced circulation in your upper extremities.  If itching or hives ensue please remove the band immediately.  A mild redness at the P6 point is very common due to pressure upon the skin for a prolonged period of time.  If the band becomes uncomfortable for any reason, just take them off. 

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