"I truly believe in your product. My son has suffered with an autoimmune disease for several years. 99.9 % of the time he is unable to finish his meals. He has lost a significant amount of weight due to severe nausea. We received the Bands yesterday. He has been able to eat all of his meals in their entirety or very close to since we literally put them on his wrist. Thank you for your product. I am a lifetime customer. I guess my only question is do you sell in bulk?" @Facebook Rachel Rounds 


"Thank you, Jacqueline Darna for joining us on our radio program. Your segment will air next weekend.  The band's you handed out came in useful this weekend.  Started getting a migraine and feeling nauseated.  I immediately opened the bag and put them on.  I still have them on right now and it kept me from getting ill.  A true believer in NoMo Nausea." -Kimberly Bermel Radio Host of American Medicine Today


"Wow! I bought your product at a boat show about a year ago, fortunately did not have to use them until today. After suffering from motion sickness induce nausea all day I remembered where I stowed them. Within 5 minutes-no kidding- 5 minutes all of my symptoms stopped. I have had them on for an hour now and feel great. I was immediately able to return to normal activities before I was on the couch with an eye mask on my eyes and ice pack behind my neck (still feeling terrible.) I am buying extra set for myself and for others. Excellent product!" @ChristyCarlton 


"I have actually used the product for seasickness and it worked." -Robin DeLavergne Senior Vice President of Tampa General Hospital 


"I am so thankful for these bands! I'm in my first trimester of pregnancy and these are a lifesaver!  It is a great help when my nausea will not go away and I need to get work done. I also love the aromatherapy as well." @Amazon PenName


 "I must tell you, your product saved me during a 24-hr stint on-air at HSN a few weeks ago.  I woke up sick as a dog Christmas morning and was worried about surviving my Today’s Special appearances beginning that night.   A friend suggested I take some anti-nausea medication.  I didn’t have any, but I remembered that Frank had given me some samples of the NoMoNausea band.   I put it on, and started to feel better right away.  I’m still shocked that it was so effective!" -Cindy Matthews HSN


"I met you all at the mother of all baby showers in Tampa about 2 weeks ago, I suffer from severe nausea and vertigo from Ms related issues. I've not once falling or felt the need to take my prescription Zofran since! I just ordered the bands for my director in New Jersey and sent them to her last week after her hospital visit for vertigo. I love the bands!! Thank you Angela Yates"

"Best product in Tampa. I no longer use Zofran after 6 years." @AngelaYates


"Hi, I was the anesthesiologist from the PGA/anesthesia meeting who fainted on the plane and you gave me your bands. I'm very pleased to say it worked perfectly. Not only did I not faint or vomit I was not even nauseated. This is the only about the second flight in my life where I have not actively vomited. I will be buying more bands and wearing them on every flight!! Thanks! It was really nice to meet you." Dr. Cuddihy


"I had the worst headache last night and I didn't have any Advil so I thought I would give the NoMo Nausea Band a try...It worked wonders and relaxed me with it's smell. I would love to give these to all my stress nurse friends!" @Facebook-Jennifer Svec


"I recently went on a bachelor party cruise to the Bahamas and needed something to help reduce my seasickness and severe hangovers.  Being in the medical field I heard of the effects of pressure point stimulation as an easy and effective method for reducing nausea in laboring patients and post surgery.  After a little web browsing I stumbled upon this band and thought I would give it a shot.  IT WORKS!! Not only did I have zero nausea (and zero puking, which im prone to after a hard night partying :) but I didn't catch any flack from my buddies bc this looks like one of those trendy rubber "livestrong" bands.  Great product and would highly recommend it.  Worth every penny, seems extremely durable and you get a fresh scent every time you take a drink!" @Amazon-Crosscheck15


"This is great, so simple non cumbersome and effective, tried it boating with great results, the scent was cool and soothing and lasted through getting wet.  Felt so much better afterwards, didn't take it off for a while. Nausea is such a horrible thing, I rather have pain than feeling nauseous." @Amazon-Hotsaxo


"NoMo Nausea is incredible! I have always suffered for bad car sickness, even in the passengers seat.  Nothing works except putting myself to sleep, or being behind the wheel, except NoMo Nausea!  I made the whole 5 and a half hours to my in laws house without getting sick once!  This thing is so easy to use, and has an awesome minty smell to it!  If you suffer from carsickness you NEED to try it. I cannot wait to try it out on my sea sickness next time I got out on the boat!" @Amazon-KarlyHolcombe


"I love my NoMo Nausea Band! I always get carsick and yesterday I was able to ride in the car and not get sick...with no medication!  Thank you No Mo! @KellyShanleyIntrilligator


"Trying this because the meds are not helping... And really not all for the different meds during pregnancy...Must say it does the job." @Facebook Christina Hernandez


"I was diagnosed with my 1st auto-immune disease in 2004. I was a freshman in college. I've since been "given" three more.

I've been suffering from nausea from the auto-immune diseases, chemotherapy, and 30 something pills I take a day for almost ten years now and my only options for treatment/remedy have been pills, pills, and more pills. And saltine crackers and a bowl that embarrassingly but necessarily lives by my bedside every night. 

I have been waiting far too long for an alternative that didn't requiring eating ginger or some other food or spice I don't like or drinking Sprite or 7up or whatever--I just didn't want a "homeopathic" remedy that required eating or drinking something while seriously nauseated! What a stupid idea to try to eat or drink something while horribly nauseated so that you won't be nauseated anymore. Are you kidding me?! 

You don't know how much I have been hoping and praying that someone would care enough to find an easier solution and thank God she's here! And thank God she got the education she needed to create a product that a previous health care provider like me can believe to work!

Thank God NoMo Nausea is finally here! 

You just have no idea what a miracle and Godsend NoMo Nausea is for someone like me! 

Please help yourself if you are suffering from nausea: whether you're pregnant, have cancer and are on chemotherapy, or have some other auto-immune disorder or disease that requires you be on chemotherapy, are sick and on so many pills that cause nausea, or if you suffer from any of the other and many causes of nausea. 

Please help a loved one who may suffer from any of the hundreds of causes of nausea! Buy a set for them to show you care!" 

Thank you!-Katie "@kickstarter


"Just had to share my experience with your bands. I always wondered why you picked peppermint instead of ginger for the aroma, but you created the greatest misery of pregnancy cure! I was feeling awful nauseous, super fatigued, with a slight headache.  I've used pressure point treatment before and knew it worked well for my nausea.  But this peppermint fixed my fatigue & headache too!  Honestly AMAZING!  Now I'm up about making dinner!!!  Thanks.  p.s- you've really got to market these other benefits to pregos." @ChrissyBass


"Love your product" @CNSlaven


"The NoMo Nausea Band was the only thing that helped me feel better during and after my C-section.  Thanks NoMo Nausea Band!" @Mommyof2


"I have pancreatic cancer and couldn't eat for days after my chemotherapy treatments until now. I was able to eat same day with the help of the peppermint scent of the NoMo Nausea Band. Anytime I felt queasy, I just smelled the band. Thanks a lot!" @Farmer4life


"I am part owner of an OBGYN practice. As a physician I find it hard to implement marketing strategies. Now that my practice was one of the first to have the NoMo Nausea Band, we have had a lot of women referred. Thanks! @OBGYN813


"I purchased the NoMo Nausea Bands as a helpful aid for my patients post surgery, and as a natural alternative to medications. I had no idea that adding my plastic surgery practice on the bands would have increased my traffic. I now have other patients that are referred and bring in their friends bands from surgery to make sure they are going to see me. It's a genius way to market and cost less than other marketing material because let's face it, coffee mug is not going to help them after surgery. The best part is the NoMo Nausea Band works! 100% of my patients say they would wear it again for surgery and they love the way it smells." @Plastics & Med Spa


"We were on a 32' boat in 6-8' seas for my recent fishing tournament and the product WORKED for my wife even though she was very skeptical at first since she suffers terribly from nausea due to motion.  I can't wait to take this up the line at Central Marine so they will begin to start to stock it!" 


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