NoMo Migraine Relief Band Petite Small Wrist (3.5-6.2")

$ 10.99

Headache behind the eyes? Headache left side? Ice pick headache? 2 in 1 home remedies for headache & migraine finally combined with our NoMo Migraine Relief Band.


How to stop headache & migraine... Buy Now!

Color: Purple

Size: Petite/Small (Wrists 3.5-6.2 inches around)

Style: Aromatherapy Infused Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Wristband

Quantity: One per package

Material: Latex-free Recyclable Elastic Plastic

Special Features: Waterproof 


Finally, instant relief made specifically for headaches & migraines!  Our 3 in 1 migraine relief band combines the power of soothing cool peppermint scent and complimentary & alternative medicine to give you fast-acting & long lasting relief when you need it most. 

Adult bands are made for wrists from 3.5- 6.2 inches around. They are 2 inches in diameter and stretch to over twice its size for added comfort. Migraine band is ideal for kids & adults with small wrists. All day waterproof wear helps you get back to what you love to do, so try one today. 

Soothing cool peppermint scent for instant headache relief. Nothing increases oxygenation better when you need it most.

Distraction Technology of peppermint essential oil.  The cooling sensation actually helps to trick your brain into forgetting about the headache.

Complimentary & alternative medicine for long lasting migraine relief. Pressure at this spot on the wrist actually helps to create anti-headache hormones that helps break the current migraine cycle and increase the time until your next one.  Always keep a NoMo Nausea Migraine Relief in the car, at work, in your purse, or anywhere a headache can hit.