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Ways to Calm Nausea during a Heartbreak

Feb 08, 2016


jacqueline darna

"Don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart." Have you ever had nausea from a broken heart? Or cried so hard you have gotten sick?  Heartbreak hormones, like serotonin & dopamine, are the same as the hormones that are sensed by nausea receptors, hence why acupressure & acupunture work to release happy hormones when the proper acupressure points are activated.  Visit for a detail of the acupressure points on the upper extremity and how it can actually stop you from throwing up when you are at your lowest.  I know the NoMo Nausea Band is last thing on your mind when going thru a breakup, but if you have an extra one by your nightstand you may want to pull it out so you can eat as much chocolate comfort as you want. Let the peppermint SMELL check you out of heartbreak HOTEL.




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