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Anyone Up For A Game of Dehydration???

Oct 06, 2015


jacqueline darna

Whether it's running, cycling, cheerleading, swimming, or golfing is your game you are never exempted from the dehydration induced nausea.

 So what exactly is exercise induced nausea and what do to if it happens to you?? Exercise-induced nausea is feeling nauseated or actually vomiting during or shortly after exercise. Studies show that their was a higher degree of exercise induced nausea after eating soon before a workout or practice. Remember to be sure to wait a reasonable amount of time before hitting up cycling class to avoid a rather unpleasant upchuck in the middle of class! Be sure to balance your in take of fluids to avoid over hydrating and diluting your body's natural electrolytes. If you begin to exhibiting symptoms act quickly. Go indoors, rehydrate, and apply ice to different parts of your body: the head, neck, and groin area. 


Here in
 The lovely Sunshine state we have to be particularly careful when it comes to outdoor sports. That sun is not very forgiving reaching low 100s on the hottest days. This can cause you to become dehydrated quicker so be sure to drink plenty of fluids! (Oh and don't forget the sunscreen!!!!)



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