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What is Good for Nausea during Stress? Dancing!

Jan 25, 2016


jacqueline darna

A night on the town with the one that is on your mind can be a wonderful spark for your relationship, or just a way to take the edge off from a hectic work week. When the moment comes and your bodies meet anxiety is a common factor one might experience when they are placed in the spotlight. One side effect of that anxiety is nausea. The anticipation for that dance aids in the anxiety which brings about feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea. The NoMo Nausea band uses peppermint oil to target these symptoms that are commonly associated with anxiety. The methanol present in the peppermint oil helps to stimulate the flow of bile into the GI Tract while the peppermint decreases the contractions of the smooth muscle in the GI Tract.  Did you know that peppermint was so powerful?  When placed in combination with acupressure you can enjoy dance at its purest form producing more happy hormones that just dance alone.  So pick up your NoMo Nausea Band before you recreate the movies Flashdance & Dirty Dancing. 





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