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All Natural Motion Sickness Relief

Apr 14, 2015


jacqueline darna

Natural remedy to travel sickness! Must haves in your travel kit.


Travel medicine deals with prevention and management of health problems of international travelers. Many people need to pack medicine with them when traveling which can range from prescription drugs to allergy medicine, to pain killers or ibuprofen. All of these medications require a doctors prescription which can be costly and commay come with harsh side effects.

Try drinking ginger ale, eat citrus fruits, smell peppermint oil, acupressure, stay on the upper deck of a cruise ship, ride in the front seat of the car, and listen to music to distract the brain.

Go natural! For those who travel with medicine to relieve nausea and vomiting, did you know there's is a better option? The No Mo Nausea Band is a stylish elastic, waterproof wristband that instantly relieves nausea and vomiting.  It combines the fast acting power of peppermint aromatherapy with long lasting acupressure. It is lightweight and takes up no room in your purse, suitcase, or diaper bag. Our product is made for kids and adults.

It's perfect to use for motion sickness, sea sickness, vertigo, altitude sickness, etc. and is also drug-free, latex-free, and non-drowsy. Next time when planning a trip whether near or far, bring along the No Mo Nausea Band, the most effective travel "medicine" you'll need. 



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