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Natural Remedies for chronic pain suffers that really work!

Jun 19, 2015


jacqueline darna

What a pain in the neck, do I have to live like this? 

Are their natural remedies for chronic pain & do they work? As an anesthetist I specialize in pain relief for my patients, and more specifically relief using natural supplements as an adjunct to prescribed medication. 

   All prescribed medications we currently use come from a natural source. Una de gato, cat's claw, is where tylenol was derived from. Tylenol works by blocking the pain signals in the brain but it is associated with liver dysfunction if used in excess. Unlike narcotics, tylenol has no dependency associated with it.

   Opium is how we derived morphine, dilaudid, ect. These pain killers function at the mu-receptor, the pain hub of the central nervous sytem. And again are affiliated with side effects including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, blood pressure, and cardiac abnormalities.

   There are other principles that are extremely effective and natural. All of the following fuction via neuromodulation. Neuromodulation is the bodies ability to trick the neuronal connection thus distracting it from the problem. When you get hurt the first response is you run it. The rubbing changes temperature, pressure, and touch receptors which are in close proximity to pain receptors and tells your body I must not be in that much pain because I am receiving other signals that distract the brain from the inital signal, pain. Essential oils that have a menthol component like peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and camphor all facilitate this Neuromodulation when rubbed at the source. These work particularly well for back pain. This is why icey hot, TENS units, compression clothing, and back braces work.

  Using the concept of Neuromodulation, I invented the No Mo Nausea Band. The first and only natural way to stop headaches and migraines instantly using 3 natural principles: acupressure, aromatherapy, and transdermal peppermint oil. The fastest way to the brain is thru the nose, and is why it functions as a calcium channel blocker to the vasculature and increases oxygenation. Transdermal peppermint oil absorption helps increase gastromotility and decreases the nausea sensation often experienced by headache sufferers. Acupressure at the P6 point of the human wrist provided electrical stimulation to the median nerve increases beta endorphins. These happy hormones help shorten the duration of the migraine and increase the onset of another one. Ultimately the No Mo Nausea band provides a change in temperature, pressure, and touch receptors to neuromodulate the brain into not having a headache or nausea. More medical research can be found on

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