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Reducing The Stresses for Expecting Parents: Yoga, Herbal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and More - NoMoNauseaBand

Reducing The Stresses for Expecting Parents: Yoga, Herbal Therapy, Aromatherapy, Acupressure and More

Aug 23, 2016


jacqueline darna

Being parents is a difficult job. Preparing for being parents is also a difficult task. There are so many works and processes that need to be done for couples who are expecting a child. Finding the perfect pediatrician, learning about birth and how to take care of newborn child, buying all the essential supplies, finishing all the complicated paper works are the things which can stress out any expecting parents. And to make it even worst, while dealing with all of these stressful procedures, the pregnant wives will have to suffer from constant annoying symptoms from pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, headaches and migraines. The combination of the pressures from preparations before delivering baby and the annoying pregnant symptoms can become nightmare for any couples. Since the process of preparing before delivering is necessary and unavoidable, many couples are seeking multiple different ways to reduce the pregnant symptoms, thus reducing half of the stresses they have to cope with.

Some couples may try out Yoga. A few particular Yoga poses are proved to be effective in relieving nausea. The Supta Virasana pose helps reduce pressure on the stomach and liver by lifting the diaphragm away from them. The Baddha Konasana pose stretches out the abdominal organs and stimulates them. The Viparita Karani pose tones up the digestive tissue, thereby improving the power of digestion and fighting indigestion that causes nausea. The Adho Mukha Swastikasana pose can relieve nausea by massaging and energizing the abdominal organs and muscles. The Yoga Deep Breathing technique drives a flow of fresh oxygen throughout the body, thus relieving nausea.

For relieving migraine, there are also some proven effective Yoga poses. The Uttanasana pose invigorates the nervous system by increasing blood supply and also calms the mind. The Setu Bandhasana pose and the Paschimottanasana pose calm the brain and relieve stress, anxiety and headache. The Shishuasana pose (Child pose) calms down the nervous system and effectively reduces the pain. The Adho Mukha Svanasana pose increases blood circulation to the brain and thus relieves headache. The Padmasana pose (Lotus pose) relaxes the mind and alleviates headache. The Savasana pose rejuvenates the body by bringing it into a deep state of meditative rest.

Some couples may try out herbal therapy and aromatherapy. There are many herbs are proved to be effective in relieving nausea such as ginger, peppermint, fennel seed, lemon and parsley. Ginger promotes the secretion of various digestive juices/enzymes that help neutralize stomach acid. It also contains phenols that relax stomach muscles and act similar to a sedative on irritated stomach tissue, reducing over activity of the stomach. Peppermint, in both leaf and oil form, is helpful in dealing with nausea. Natural peppermint essential oil can enter the body through the pores in your skin or by smelling the refreshing peppermint scent. Menthol, the active ingredient in peppermint, has been linked to easing upset stomach by decreasing colonic spasms, dry heaving, and increasing oxygenation to the brain which also helps relieve headaches. Fennel seed, on the other hand, has a compound called “Anethole,” a phytoestrogen, is responsible for its carminative action. The bioactive compounds of fennel seed excellently relax smooth muscle lining of the gastrointestinal tract preventing such problems as bloating, flatulence and nausea. Additionally, the fresh lemony smell is well known for pushing away the nauseous feeling. The citric acid in lemon helps neutralize the stomach acids, thus helping reduce the bloating and nausea. Parsley also provides relief from gastrointestinal issues such as indigestion, stomach cramps, bloating, and nausea, while helping to strengthen the immune system. However, there is argument that excessive consumption of parsley can be risky for pregnant women. Therefore parsley is not a recommended herb to treat nausea in this situation.

Besides the two methods above, some couples may try out acupressure which is also commonly known for effectively relieving nausea, migraine and headache. P6, the 6th point on the Pericardium pathway in Chinese medicine, found on the inside of the wrist, is a great acupressure point for relieving nausea. The Pericardium pathway passes through human chest, down through the diaphragm and into mid and lower abdomen. On its way, the pathway passes through our stomach. Therefore, when we apply constant pressure on the P6 point, it can calm our seething stomach. In a more scientific explanation, pressure on this point causes low frequency electrical stimulation on the skin which increases tiny hormones that signal the brain to oppose the nausea signals.

For relieving migraine and headache, there seems to be more effective acupressure points. The L14 Point, located in the web between our thumb and index finger, helps in relieving back pain, frontal headaches, tooth ache and releasing tension from neck and head. The GV 24.5 Point, located just between the two eyebrows where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead, helps in improving concentration, reliving eye strain, headaches, and ulcer pains. The B2 Point, located in the inner corner of the eyes just below the eyebrows, helps in relieving sinus headaches and allergy symptoms, and also in improving vision. The ST3 Point, located both sides of the nostril, helps in opening sinuses and reducing tension headaches. The LV2 Point, located in the valley between the big and the second toe, helps in relieving headaches, tiredness of eye, arthritis and foot cramps. There are a few more points which have the same effects on relieving headache and migraine, as listed on the picture below.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to help reduce nausea, vomiting, migraine and headache. Most of them work very well individually. However, there is one thing that these methods have in common which is that they all take time. Some of them take a lot of time, for instance, Yoga. They are also not flexible to be applied anywhere. These things may not be considered disadvantages for some people, but for expecting parents, they are absolute disadvantages. Expecting parents don’t have much free time on their hands, and the nausea and migraine symptoms on pregnant women are so unpredictable that many of those above methods may not work well for them. They need a natural, easy and effective way of dealing with pregnant symptoms, which can be brought with them everywhere. Fortunately, there is one product that satisfies all of these conditions, which is NoMo Nausea Wristband. NoMo Nausea's 3 in 1 patent-pending combination of fast-acting peppermint aromatherapy, infused transdermal essential oil, and acupressure all into a stylish water proof band is a safe effective way to help reduce morning sickness symptoms in pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, migraine and headache. NoMo Nausea is 100% recyclable, reusable, and has a shelf life of two years, so that couples can stock up lots of NoMo Nausea wristbands for an instant nausea and migraine relief anywhere they go. Expecting parents can practice the methods mentioned in this blog when they have time, but when they are in rush, NoMo Nausea wristband is the perfect option.


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