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An Essential Oil Traveling Band for Altitude Sickness | Nomo Nausea

An Essential Oil Traveling Band for Altitude Sickness | Nomo Nausea

Jan 09, 2017


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Motion Sickness Wrist Bands for Skiing

   Avid skiers understand that enjoying the fresh powder, the speed beneath their feet, and the rush of the vertical drop is solely dependent on how they feel. And what's a vacation if you can't enjoy the plane ride, the local food, or the strenuous exercise? The NoMo Nausea Band is the first and only natural way to stop nausea, vomiting, and headaches INSTANTLY for adults, kids, and now dogs too.


 What is altitude sickness?


How to prevent altitude sickness & what is altitude sickness. Essential oil for altitude sickness.
Altitude sickness is also referred to as acute mountain sickness and describes it perfectly. Acute means for a short period of time while you're on a mountain that has a different oxygen concentration in the air that you are not use to. Remember that the oxygen decreases as you ascend above sea level. If you love skiing in Denver Colorado for example, Vail Ski Resort has only 66% oxygen because it is at 11,570 feet above sea level. Look at the difference if you decide to hike Mount Everest, which only has 33% oxygen because it is nearly three times the height in Colorado standing at 29.035 feet. 
When your brain senses you're not getting enough oxygen symptoms may occur including:
  • loss of appetite
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • exhaustion
  • dizziness
  • fast heart rate
  • headache
  • difficulty with physical exertion
  • shortness of breath at rest
  • difficulty sleeping

And if you are not careful and heed your bodies warning severe symptoms including may happen:

  • fluid retention
  • high-altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE)
  • high-altitude cerebral edema (HACE)
  • death

Death zone is at 800m which some mountains in Tibet Shishapangma, but you will NOT be doing skiing there. 


How to prevent altitude sickness?


The NoMo Nausea Band's 3 in 1 patent pending infusion of peppermint aromatherapy within a stylish and waterproof acupressure wristband has taken the world by storm and has won multiple awards in its one year. The peppermint aromatherapy within the band helps to calm active upset stomach in 30 seconds when smelled if motion sickness on the plane hits. This is also how it helps to stop headaches by increasing oxygen, since the fastest way to the brain is thru the nose if their final destination is at a higher altitude. Ever snowboarded in Aspen Snowmass, Loveland, or Breckenridge? Getting off the ski slope at such high elevations can cause a vertigo prone individuals to experience altitude sickness.  Common side effects includes dizziness, headache, nausea, and/or vomiting. Place the NoMo Nausea Band on the flight or the car ride and leave it in on the slopes to stop motion sickness, exercise induced nausea, and altitude sickness.

How to treat altitude sickness?




Either get more oxygen or calm your body until it adjusts to functioning at a new oxygen saturation. The first day I ski in Colorado is the day after I arrive. I use the NoMo Nausea bracelet on the flight to get there, keep it on while I'm on the winding roads, and then wear it when I ski. I usually feel tired and want to take a nap. Before using the NoMo Nausea Band I actually use to throw up in the car because I usually live at sea level and the altitude sickness headache was real. I'm so happy I found NoMo Nausea as it is the best prevention and treatment for altitude sickness. Not only is it a 3:1 pressure band used at the nausea spot on your wrist, but it also has essential oil infused in the band for instant relief if you feel like throwing up.

 The cooling effect of the peppermint essential oil helps the brain to focus on the temperature change of the band and not the stress of traveling, called Neuromodulation in medicine. Long lasting effects of acupressure at the specific P6 acupressure point found on the wrist produces happy hormones/anti-nausea hormones that can actually stop nausea before it starts! This is why celebrities sports stars are using the NoMo Nausea band to help increase performance, increase oxygenation during cardio, and help to enjoy skiing to the fullest.




   Learn more about the one of a kind NoMo Nausea Band & purchase at Or the NoMo Nausea Band can be found on amazon or at Stellar News Stands in airports across the country. Think of the vacations saved for an $12.99 purchase. Imagine a life with a family fun vacation, a comfortable plane ride, a healthy ski trip, or just a headache/migraine free day, that's what the NoMo Nausea Band can offer your readers. 

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