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New Years Resolution Ideas

New Years Resolution Ideas

Dec 31, 2022


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Top business New Year Resolutions on LinkedIn. I've decided to continue MICRO-HABIT changes that have saved me 30 hours/week!

Everyone makes these grandeur #newyearsresolutions and it's come to no surprise that 43% fail before February and only 9% finish it until succession. I have been blessed everyday to do what I love as the founder & inventor of No Mo Nausea, so I'm not going big this #NewYears instead continue these small changes for successful #2023goals.

Best business new years resolutions ideas by Dr. Darna. Micro new years resolutions that are easy to keep like time block schedule, do it today attitude with inventor of NoMo Nausea on airplane, overshoot everyday with go the extra mile post it note, read purpose out loud, daily idea journal with doctor and mom holding light bulb, and work shutdown ritual with sign stating sorry we're closed but still awesome. Get 25% off with code PUKE25 at NOMOMIGRAINE.COM or sold at walmart, meijer, or amazon.

What are the best business New Years Resolutions on LinkedIn?

Here's the 10 best #newyearsgoals I found on LinkedIn that you can keep, I promise!

1. Get sunlight right after waking up

Our circadian rhythm is mostly determined by two hormones — melatonin and cortisol. To fall asleep quickly at night, our cortisol levels should be low and melatonin levels, high. When you don’t get sunlight in the morning, your cortisol levels might not peak enough earlier in the day, and hence stay elevated even when it’s bedtime.

*If you can't sleep try my favorite invention #NoMoSleeplessNights on, naturally increases your bodies production of melatonin using essential oil infused pressure technology on your wrist! Or buy it at 30,000 retailers like Walmart, Meijer, Amazon, & more.

2. Read out your purpose out loud

Write it down and read it every morning. It will motivate you to work towards your goals and live a more fulfilling life.

3. Brush with your non-dominant hand

Once I read that many neurologists are encouraged to use their non-dominant hands to do tasks to help build dexterity and strengthen neural connections in the brain.

4. Time-block

Simply divide your day into 30-minute blocks (or 5-minute blocks if you’re Elon Musk) and assign tasks to them. This will help eliminate taking decisions at the moment and also help you deal with procrastination.

5. Do 30 seconds of pre-meal exercise

Just do 30 seconds of exercise like burpees, squats, or jumping jacks before meals. This increase in heart rate will help optimize glycemic variability due to that meal. Yes! 30 seconds of exercise can help you live longer.

6. Eat with a smaller spoon

Some studies show that eating with a smaller spoon can reduce calorie intake.

New years resolution ideas while pregnant from pregnancy pukeology blog. Best pregnancy podcast for pregnant women with black woman holding a new years disco ball in front of pregnancy bump.

If you're looking for New Years Resolution Ideas during Pregnancy, you have to read this doctor written pregnancy blog & best pregnancy podcast to listen to. 

7. Use “do it today + make it incredibly small”

Want to finally start writing that article? Instead of waiting for hours of free time, write only one sentence right now. This strategy helps make an overwhelming task simple enough to do at the moment.

8. Over shoot a little at something every day

Whatever your desired goals for the day, try to do a little more in at least one of them every day.

9. Use a work-shutdown ritual

“Schedule Shut Down, Complete” — like a robot, moving away from work.

10. Write down one idea every day

You all know my favorite app on my phone is NOTES. Just jot ideas down as they come because you never know where business will take you in the future.



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