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Why There’s Constipation During Pregnancy

Why There’s Constipation During Pregnancy

Mar 10, 2022


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Have you ever wondered why constipation is a staple during pregnancy? And are laxatives safe during pregnancy? I'm a pregnancy doctor that will help describe why pregnant women get constipation and natural options that are safe to use while pregnant to help you go poop. We’re taking the Browns to the Super Bowl! 

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 Is constipation normal during pregnancy?

While constipation can be caused by diets and such, it can also be caused by stress on your mind and body. Get yourself or someone else NoMo Bands to relieve this stress by clicking below!


Why do I have constipation during pregnancy? 

Constipation is common in pregnancy. Studies show that about 1 to 4 in 10 pregnant women experience difficulty evacuation of the bowel. 

Why constipation during pregnancy? What causes pregnancy constipation? It is bad to poop which giving birth? Will pregnancy cause more constipation that usual?

During pregnancy, your body experience experiences anatomical and physiological changes that slow down the movement of bowel content. Here are reasons why you may experience constipation during the first trimester and later in your pregnancy. 

  •  Vitamin supplementation such as calcium and vitamin during pregnancy predisposes you to constipation.
  • While pregnant, you are more exhausted and less active, thus increasing your chance of constipation.
  • Pregnancy makes your progesterone hormone rise while it reduces your motilin levels. These hormonal changes increase your chance of experiencing a bowel movement.

How to help pregnancy constipation and pregnancy poop

What helps decrease my chances of constipation?

 1. Adequate intake of fluid 

Pregnancy increases the absorption of water from your gut. While pregnant, you want to make sure that you are drinking enough water to keep your stool soft all the time.  In addition, you can supplement your water intake by drinking soups, fruits, and healthy vegetable juices. 

Safe Laxatives during Pregnancy

2. Fibers 

Fibers play a significant role in preventing constipation. Add bulk to your stool and increase the frequency of having a bowel movement.  During pregnancy, it is recommended to consume 28 to 34 grams of fiber daily. Some healthy pregnancy food-rich fibers include vegetables, fruits, and whole grains such as beans. 

What are the benefits of fiber and how does it help with pregnancy constipation

3. Manage Stress

The overall experience of carrying a bay for around 9 months is stressful for both your mind and body. The impact of stress can have an effect on your bowel movements as well. Try finding natural options to relieve stress such as NoMo Bands to reduce constipation and overall stress on you. 







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