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What makeup to avoid when pregnant?

Oct 02, 2020


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Have you ever seen a pregnant woman and she looks like she's glowing?  She's probably in her second trimester, and females are lucky enough that they can get this glow and others not so much.  A lot of changes happen to your skin during pregnancy. As a result of these changes in the levels of hormone and your blood flow, for instance, pigmentation of your skin called “pregnancy skin”The area around the genitals and inner parts of the thigh get pigmentation. Females may also experience different forms of skin problems including rashes, acne, redness, discoloration, and other skin eruptions.  


 Are you looking for a perfect glowing skin during pregnancy?  

Changes usually don't appear until the second or third trimester of pregnancy. “Pregnancy skin” is a scenario in which you are facing any or most of the above-mentioned problems to your skin. These skin changes are very common; it is quite unusual to experience no skin changes during the tenure. Your looks become unacceptable day by day as the pregnancy proceeds. But, the best thing is that all these changes resolve within days or weeks as soon as you deliver your baby.  

Pregnancy hormones “progesterone” is responsible for releasing a lot of oil from pores present in skin due to which you are more prone to rashes and discoloration of various parts of the body. This lovely hormone is also the reason why your cardiac sphincter, the valve that caps your stomach, becomes loosey goosey and why heartburn becomes a major issue.  Have no fear, NoMo Nausea is here and recommended by Gastroenterologists as a safe alternative wristband that helps push food down and help your intestines move food in sync so you don't have that terrible burning coming up your throat.  Instead of Tums try NoMo Bands, clinically proven 3:1 essential oil infused pressure technology to stop nausea or vomiting in seconds. 

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But why am I having Pregnancy rash? 

Instead of shiny bright and radiant skin, your skin and face might look like a teen whose skin is popping up with multiple acne and rashes. You might have itching all around the baby bump or body.  

Pregnancy is usually associated with different strange symptoms and you are not prepared for that. You might not like these symptoms at all but, no worries, they are going to vanish in a few days after you give birth to a baby. Different types of “pregnancy rashes” That may occur during pregnancy as follow : 

  • Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP’s ) 
  • Mask of pregnancy  
  • Stretch marks  
  • Acne  
  • Skin tags  
  • Cholestasis of pregnancy  

Why do I have this pregnancy rash

What is PUPPP? 

The most common skin condition that happens during pregnancy and causes itching is PUPPP that is pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. These patches usually appear all around the stretch marks mostly near term. These patches may spread towards your arm, leg, or buttocks. This condition causes no harm, but it can be awkward or annoying to some females. This condition typically develops in the last trimester of pregnancy or after delivery. On examination, this rash appears as raised red areas in patches, swollen areas of small papules that join with time to form larger plaques. There might be a lighter halo in white-skinned people. It usually starts on the abdomen and spreads toward the extremities. Sometimes, they might present with microvesicles. Initially, these plaques might develop as stretch marks during pregnancy. These rashes usually appear due to excessive weight gain or twin pregnancy. 

These rashes might also appear in primigravida (females who are pregnant for the first time). 

 It is usually diagnosed as a result of the exclusion technique by physician and laboratory testing to rule out other dermatological problems or through biopsy. However, these rashes usually disappear within 15 days after delivery even without any treatment. Ladies who experience extreme itching usually get symptomatic treatment with topical steroid, anti-allergic or systemic steroids. People are counseled that though this is quite an annoying condition it is not a serious disease and should resolve immediately after the delivery within a few days. You need not worry as this condition doesn't transmit to your baby. 

What causes itching in my body during pregnancy? 

Itching during pregnancy may be caused by multiple reasons but one of the most common reasons is that your abdominal skin is expanding day by day due to your baby bump. However, itching can be caused by liver problems for example in intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy or known as obstetric cholestasis.  

This condition usually can be cured by wearing loose clothes as they are likely to irritate your skin.  You can use cotton clothes instead of Nylon. Do not use lotion, shampoo, cream, and other skin products that can irritate your skin. Mild itching is not harmful to you or your baby female faces eating more during night time. If the itching is too much or you have some clinical issues then you need to inform your doctor about your condition and get a prescription.  

Do I need to avoid any cosmetics during Pregnancy? 

This would be one of those lists of things that you don’t like about when you get pregnant. Most beauty products contain ingredients that are harmful to you to use while pregnant. As they might cause deleterious effects on your developing baby. For example: 

  • Vitamin A and its derivates may result in serious birth defect  
  • Compounds containing benzoyl and salicylic acid which are mostly used in acne treatment product should be avoided 
  • Essential oils area must item in most beauty products. Though not assessed by FDA yet limited use is indicated during pregnancy with caution. 
  • Hydroquinone used in skin fairness treatment products prescribed for severe pigmentation of the skin during pregnancy or mask of skin. Studies show that its use should be avoided unless prescribed by your doctor. 
  • Aluminum chloride is debatable item used in cosmetic products like deodorants and precipitants. Considered safe usually but should be avoided unless advised otherwise. 
  • Chemical sunscreens must be avoided as they interfere with the developing brain of your baby. 
  • Tetracycline used to treat different skin problems but as it harms your baby and your body so it must be avoided. 
  • Dihydroxyacetoneis an active ingredient of many sprays but its inhalation could be unhealthy for your body and baby. 

Cosmetics to avoid during pregnancy

Makeup brands to avoid during pregnancy 

I know you don’t feel good about the advice of not using things that you love. Following makeup brands should be avoided due to harmful ingredients. 

  • Glossier- Some products including super glow face moisturizer, haloscope bronzer, highlighter, paint blush, milk jelly cleanser, and stretch counselor. 
  • Cover Girl- lip and eye products 
  • NYX professional makeup has good rating but is cautious while using and read the ingredients carefully however it is least harmful among all makeup. 
  • e.l.f products are cost-effective but need to double-check the ingredient list. 
  • Maybelline it has lot of makeup with good rating still take caution while purchasing and observe the ingredients. 
  • Benefit most of them contain out of date formulas except its brow liner. 
  • MAC does not offer clean formulas. 
  • Tarte has moderate scoring according to hazards. 
  • NARS moderate scoring of hazards. 
  • Bobby Brown has got good options. 

makeup brands to avoid during pregnacy

Do hair products need to be avoided during pregnancy? 

Do not use dyes, highlighter, extensions, perming, and other hair treatments that happen only with the use of extensive chemicals. Few types of research restrict their use but others allow you so you need to be extra cautious while their use. But in our opinion, these treatments must be avoided especially during the first trimester. 

Types of Shampoos to stay away? 

Yes, you are right like cosmetic products shampoo must also be selected with caution. Shampoos containing following active ingredients must be avoided: 

  • Quats or chemicals ADBAC & DDAC can cause birth defect.  
  • Sulfates strip your child’s hairs of its natural oils that can damage your baby's hair. 
  • Paraben containing hair loss due to hormonal imbalance caused by them. 
  • Alcohol-based shampoos and hair products might cause hair dryness 

Is Botox Safe for me? 

No clinical event suggests that botox is unsafe during pregnancy or breastfeeding but caution should be taken to practice it is a toxin that is being injected to your body. It has not been researched much so limited data available regarding its use. 

If I have pimples, can I start using acne medication? 

Medication that is used for acne treatment causes birth defects to babies. Medicines like retinoid and isotretinoin are contraindicated during pregnancy. However, if you still want to use acne products you need to get prescribed by the doctor. 

Acne treatment products containing benzoyl peroxide are safe but those containing salicylic acid must be avoided. 

Skincare to avoid during pregnancy? 

Yes, you want to look beautiful as before with flawless skin. But following ingredients containing treatment products must not be used during pregnancy 

  • Retin A  
  • Salicylic acid 
  • Tazorac 
  • Benzoyl peroxide 
  • Essential oils 
  • Hydroquinone 
  • Aluminum oxide 
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Chemical sunscreen 
  • Tetracycline 
  • dihydroxyacetone 

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