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Sex During Pregnancy

Mar 25, 2019


jacqueline Darna

Is sex during pregnancy safe? Is it true I’ll have better orgasms pregnant or that sex can put me into labor? If you want to enjoy sex while pregnant, listen up. This blog and its podcast answers the 4 most common pregnancy sex questions, and gives you different sex positions to help you have a better orgasm while pregnant.

FAQs: Sex When Pregnant

Can I have sex when I’m pregnant?

Sex during pregnancy is absolutely safe. The beautiful female body’s anatomy allows it to be. Due to the length of the cervix, (this is organ is like a hallway from your uterus to your vagina) having sex won’t hurt the baby because there is plenty of “room” between your vagina and your uterus (where the baby is). When they say you are X cm dilated, that is how wide your cervix or “internal hallway” is.

When you are pregnant, there is also a mucus plug coating the cervix. This prevents anything from entering the uterus. It acts as a protective barrier to prevent bacteria and other pathogens that could potentially harm your baby from entering your uterus. While your baby is growing, it remains intact to protect your baby, but it falls out before your water breaks.  It often looks like bloody snot in your underwear.

Besides the cervical mucus plug, there are many other parts of your body protecting your baby. Your uterine muscles (remember your baby is currently living inside this organ) and the amniotic sac (a membrane filled with fluid around baby) act as cushions. When they say your water breaks, it is the amniotic fluid that leaks out because the sac has broken to allow your baby to enter the world.  (Remember it doesn’t always gush out, sometimes it can feel like your peeing on yourself little by little.) Just remember if your mucus plug falls out and your water breaks don’t have sex.  You’ll probably be rushing to the hospital with contraction pains, but you wouldn’t want to possibly introduce outside bacterium into the uterus.

During the final weeks of pregnancy, orgasms will actually cause small contractions and could induce labor.  Please speak with your OBGYN or midwife if you’re about to pop with more of your sex questions.

Is pregnancy sex different from regular sex?

Yes and no.  YES, because your body is pumped with so many hormones and there is an increase in blood flow. NO, because there is higher energy consumption by growing the baby, which can take a lot out of any woman. The increase in blood flow is great because it causes heightened sensitivity down there.  Your clit might actually get engorged making oral sex feel even better than usual.  The action of sex is the same, but how you feel about the way you think your partner looks at you can be different. Often men come in two types: the ones who want sex more because they find pregnancy so ridiculously attractive, or those who don’t want sex because they are afraid to hurt the baby.  Ultimately, YOU should feel sexy regardless. Due to the increase in hormones and blood flow, you’ll probably orgasm harder and quicker.

Does a woman’s libido change during pregnancy?

Many women state a low sexual desire during the 1sttrimester because of morning sickness, feeling tired, and having to pee all the time. If you want to know what causes morning sickness and the reason behind frequent urination in any trimester go check out Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 4 and 11.  Both have helpful hints and home remedies to stop the upset stomach before it starts, or you can click on the products tab at the top of the page to check out NoMo Nausea Bands. Just to give you a sneak peek, NoMo Nausea Bands are doctor recommended, can stop morning sickness in seconds, are 100% natural, barely noticeable, waterproof and only $12.99 for a set of two! And you can find them here, on Amazon, at CVS and BuyBuy Baby.

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Listen to "Frequent Urination In Pregnancy from Early Signs Of Pregnancy to Third Trimester Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 11" on Spreaker.

But back to the point, libido often comes back full force during the second trimester. Make sure you talk freely with your partner and tell him your feelings including what makes you feel desired and how he feels about you being pregnant. Keep in mind that this can change over the course of your pregnancy and also over the course of your lives. You have to feel comfortable in your own skin because no matter what you look like, he fell in love with you for you and humans (especially men, let’s be real) have an innate desire for sex.

What are the best positions for pregnancy sex?

Ladies, let’s be real, normal sex positions may become a little uncomfortable, you have a bump in the way. But don’t let this get in the way of amazing sex. Remember, you ARE sexy at every stage of your pregnancy, so use the extra curves strategically.  Your boobs are probably rocking, so buy some sexy low-cut lingerie. Most of you will have a real nice booty during your pregnancy as well try some nighty rompers.  Think loose in the stomach but hiked up to show off your booty.

Here are 5 great sex positions to try when pregnant:

  1. Straddle him in a chair.If you have a desk as a prop even better. Set up the whole boss and employee role playing. Although you are on top, he will love the dominance aspect of being the boss.
  2. Riding the pony. Get on up cowgirl and straddle him while he is laying on his back. This position will take the weight off your stomach, give you control of the penetration and allow you to set the pace.
  3. The cuddler. We all know this position. This is perfect early in the morning because you can just roll over and have sex.With him cuddled behind you, this became my favorite position and avoided deep penetration during the last trimester.  If he doesn’t get why you like this position, try explaining it to him like this, “I have enough stuff inside of me, too much of you is not a cherry on top.”
  4. The birthing or modified birthing position. With your legs bent and hiked up lay at the end of the bed. Then, have your partner between your legs standing or kneeling. A modified position is putting your right foot on his shoulder.  Trust me it hits the spot. (Remember, if you’re in your 3rdtrimester never lay flat on your back.  Instead, put a pillow underneath your right side.  If you lay flat on your back it can compress your largest vein in your body preventing adequate blood flow).
  5. Doggie style. Depending on how big your belly is, this may or may not work. Often propping pillows underneath your elbows can help or you can just be on your hands like the yoga cat and cow position.

Remember, every g-spot is different just like every penis is shaped differently, so get creative.  The only big take away is don’t lie flat on your back during trimesters 2 and 3.  If you’re struggling with nausea, be sure to listen to our other podcasts and check out our NoMo Nausea Band by clicking on the Products tab at the top right of the screen. After all, we want you to feel your best, and we don’t think your husband will mind as your libido increases. And since you can’t get pregnant again by having sex while pregnant, so go for it!

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