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When do you start showing in pregnancy? - NoMoNauseaBand

When do you start showing in pregnancy?

Apr 26, 2021


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Did you miss your period? Are you feeling a little nauseous? Maybe you are experiencing morning sickness? These suggest you could be pregnant. You finally take a pregnancy test and feel more excited when the test result turns positive.

Congratulations! You’re expecting.
But, you are the only one who knows about pregnancy. When will your pregnancy become obvious to the “world?” Read on to learn more about when you will start showing your beautiful baby bump. If you don't have time to read just listen to this blog in a pregnancy podcast form. 


What Is Showing?

Knowing that you are pregnant doesn’t mean you are showing. Showing also doesn’t mean going around and telling others what you are expecting. The showing means having a recognizable baby pump that demonstrates to people you are pregnant. If your outside is reflecting what you are aware of on the inside, you are showing. When this happens, no one will ask you whether you are pregnant. Showing is what lets your co-workers, family, or friends know that you are expecting. To some women, showing is an enormous relief. But to other women showing is a betrayal, especially if they wanted to keep their pregnancy secret.

When does a baby bump first start to show? Pregnant patient asks in a chat box:  Pregnancy Q & A with Dr. Darna. Doctor answers telemedicine chat bot with pink, blue, and white box colors: •	11% start showing in 1st trimester •	74% start showing in 2nd trimester •	13% start showing in 3rd trimester •	2% say they never looked pregnant Most women, 74% will start to show during the 2nd trimester. 38.1% in the first half of the 2nd trimester 36.5% in the second half of the 2nd trimester

When Do You Start Showing?

Most women start showing when they are 14 to 16 weeks pregnant. Showing early or late doesn’t mean your baby isn’t growing normally. It is perfectly normal to start showing as early as 12 weeks pregnant or after 20 weeks of your pregnancy. So don’t get panic when you delay showing.  As long as your belly is growing appropriately, as measured by your OBGYN from your pelvis to the top of your uterus, you're baby is growing great. 

When does a baby bump start showing

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When Will I Start Showing?

When you start showing depends on many factors. Remember that every pregnancy is not the same. We are all different in a beautiful way, and so are our bumps. Here are the factors that affect when you start showing.

  1. Previous Pregnancies

If it is your first pregnancy, don’t expect to show early. It is because your body has never experienced the physical changes that happen during pregnancy. Your pregnancy will therefore take the longest time to start showing.

Your second pregnancy and subsequent pregnancies will start showing one month earlier than your first pregnancy. Why? After your first pregnancy, your body gets primed to pop. The uterus fails to assume its original size and revert to the back. First pregnancy stretches and overextends the abdominal muscle, hence, your uterus grows and sits more anteriorly in your belly, making it appear obvious early in your pregnancy.

Can you start showing at 8 weeks? Pregnant patient asks in a chat box:  Pregnancy Q & A with Dr. Darna. Doctor answers telemedicine chat bot with pink, blue, and white box colors: •	Possible but not super likely •	11% start showing in 1st trimester •	It's more likely that you'll start showing in your 2nd trimester It's possible but not very likely. Through research I've found that 11% of women start to show at some point during their 1st trimester!

  1. Multiple Pregnancies

You will start showing early if you are carrying twins or triplets. This because your babies occupy more space than carrying one baby.

  1. Weight

Expect to show early if you are thin, which means having a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25. But if you have extra weight (obese or overweight) – BMI more than 25, your growing uterus will take long to be noticed.

  1. Height

Your height also determines when you will start showing. Taller women generally have a long midsection hence able to disperse their pregnancy weight. In such a case, the pregnancy begins showing later in their pregnancy. On the other hand, shorter women tend to show earlier because they have less room up and down their bodies, making the uterus protrude sooner.


When Does the Baby Bump Show?

The following three items are the most significantly next to this being your primary pregnancy, or if your bodies have been down that road, your baby bump will pop out sooner. 

When will I start showing? Pregnant patient asks in a chat box:  Pregnancy Q & A with Dr. Darna. Doctor answers telemedicine chat bot with pink, blue, and white box colors: •	Depends on different factors •	1st pregnancy takes longer to show •	If thin, pregnancy might show sooner It depends on factors like if it's your first pregnancy and your pre-pregnancy weight. 74% of women believe they start looking visibly pregnant by their 3rd trimester!

  1. The strength of abdominal muscles

You will show sooner if you have weaker abdominal muscles. It can happen if you have conditions such as diastasis recti, umbilical hernia, or abdominal surgery. However, tighter abdominal muscles provide more support and lift. They limit the rate at which your uterus is growing forward, and the baby pump appears less noticeable.

  1. Position of your womb

Having a womb that is more into your back (toward the spines) makes your pregnancy less noticeable when your second trimester starts. On the other hand, you will start showing sooner if your uterus is tilted anteriorly. Ask your doctor to assess your uterus and let you know the position it takes in your body.

  1. Incorrect due date

If you are given the wrong dates, you might appear to show early. If you suspect your baby bump is popping too fast ask your doctor to do an ultrasound to correct your due date.

 How Can I Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are forever, permanent, but treatment can make them less noticeable and can alleviate the itch. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding while listening to this podcast, please speak with your OB before treating because some products contain retinol which is found in many creams and can harm your baby. Remember your skin is your largest organ group, so it does get into your blood stream.

Best Stretch Mark Cream

There are tons of creams, lotions, gels on the market but not one alone seems to help individually. Some good tips to help you get the full potential  out of your anti-stretch mark cream are what I like to call… There's a whole pregnancy podcast dedicated to naturals way to make sure you don't get stretch marks even when you start showing. 

Listen to "Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Prevent & Learn The Best Stretch Mark Cream Episode 27 Pregnant Pukeology Podcadt" on Spreaker.

NOMO Stretch Mark Hacks

  1. Use the product on early stretch marks. Treatment options have little or no effect on mature stretch marks. 
  2. Massage the product into your stretch marks. Get in there!
  3. Apply the product every day for several weeks. It may take time to see the results.
  4. Hyaluronic acid was clinically proven to make early stretch marks less apparent.
  5. Tretinoin, a prescription retinoid, showed those who put their prescription cream on for 24 weeks had less noticeable stretch marks.
  6. Retinol, another type of retinoid, may also help fade early stretch marks

Get Rid of Stretch Marks 

Dermatologists can try the following techniques to minimize your stretch marks but it won’t get rid of them entirely. Chemical peel, laser therapy using a pulse dye laser, microdermabrasion, radiofrequency (skin resurfacing by stimulating collagen production to rejuvenate damaged skin), or ultrasound. 

Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Home remedies for stretch marks and can actually help prevent getting them.

  1. Almond oil
  2. Cocoa Butter helps to rehydrate the skin
  3. Olive Oil & Shea butter are also used as natural emollients
  4. Vitamin E with chamomile which act as anti-inflammatories
  5. Centella, an herb containing hyaluronic acid
  6. Eat plenty of vitamin C rich foods to keep your skin tone
  7. Watch your weight and try to stay within the 25 pounds of your pre-pregnancy weight. Want to know how much you should weigh upon delivery? Check out "Pregnancy Weight Gain Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast Episode 12" on Spreaker.
  8. Self Tanner (can camouflage them but won’t get rid of them)

What NOT to Do If You Have Stretch Marks

Tanning beds are forbidden as they can make stretch marks more noticeable!


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