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If getting your little one to bed and staying asleep is a struggle, than NoMoSleepless Nights is the Natural solution you need! NoMoSleepless Nights is a wristband that uses Lavender Sleep Combopressure and specifically sourced lavender essential oils that soothe your child to sleep, and keeps them asleep throughout the night. The wristbands use natural, drug-free ingredients that naturally generate melatonin within your child's body, putting them fast to sleep and letting you get rest too. 

  • Lavender Diffusion Technology
  • Sleep Hormone Production Using Pressure
  • Natural bedtime routine
  • Restful & Calming
  • Melatonin Alternative
  • Drug-Free
  • Non-habit Forming

Color: Navy Blue

Quantity: Navy Blue Kids/Petite

Size: Kids/Petite (Can be used for adults that have a wrist size 3.5"-6.2")

Details: Latex free and Waterproof

Packaging: Reusable Band & Resealable Packaging

*Store band back into in closed package to prolong use. Each band effective for up to 1 week after first use.  

Sleepless Nights Benefits

 💤 Provides Sleep Relief for Kids Quickly & how to fall asleep fast or children

💤  Naturally puts your kids to sleep using pressure, Lavender Diffusion Technology, medically sourced natural lavender essential oils to calm and soothe your child to sleep & keep them asleep throughout the night!

💤 Naturally produces your child’s melatonin production within their own bodies that puts your kiddies right to sleep! 

💤 Safe to use on children, without having to taste yucky medicine or sleeping pills! Invented by a doctor and mom for her little ones.

💤 With no gross taste like other sleep remedies for kids, the simple and comfortable wristband is easy for a fussy child to wear to sleep, avoiding gross tasting medicine and it will put them right to sleep, they won’t even feel it while on! 

💤 The natural lavender oil infusion will soothe and calm your child, and the wristband can be taken everywhere you go especially if your kid has trouble sleeping away from home like on vacation, at sleepovers, or even sleep-away camp!

💤Doctor Recommended for

  • Fussy sleepers
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Night terrors
  • Cold & Flu Sleep Troubles
  • Relax & Soothe special needs children : ADHD, ADD, and Autistic
  • Natural bedtime routine

Proper Size

To determine proper size, measure the circumference of your wrist at your 1st wrist crease immediately at the bottom of the hand. Will fit most children and adult women. Fits sizes 3.5-6.2 inches around.

How To Use


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