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Thrill 1, Nausea 0

Mar 28, 2016


jacqueline darna

Thrill 1, Nausea 0


Looking for an adventure, but sickness is getting in the way? Well now there’s a solution, get rid of sickness instantly with the NoMoNausea band.

Seasickness when diving to deep depths of the ocean? No problem! Have the most thrill seeking job on the planet, an astronaut, but you’re affected by motion sickness, gastrointestinal irritation, stress, anxiety, and/or psychological warfare. Fret no longer. Love roller coasters, but get too sick from them? Not even a question, you can now spend hours at the amusement park. Preparing yourself for the jump of a life time, no not marriage, bungee jumping! I bet your palms are sweating right now just thinking about it. When you are at the edge and about to jump you don’t want to embarrass yourself by throwing up. Now you can stop the nausea.

The NoMoNausea Band is designed to alleviate the side effects of all sorts of symptoms related to these adventurous thrills. The aromatherapy of the peppermint oil helps open the nasal passageway which allows more oxygen intake into the lungs and the brain. The acupressure bump on the band stops the motion sickness by ending the signals sent to the brain that gives the queasiness. Nausea and sickness will never be a problem with the all-curing NoMoNausea band.

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