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Avoiding Seasickness - NoMoNauseaBand

How to prevent sea sickness that's better than motion sickness medicine

Mar 21, 2016


jacqueline darna

Avoiding Seasickness: How to Prevent Sea Sickness Naturally! 

How to prevent sea sickness? No problem, the solution is right in front of you. The NoMo Nausea band is used to eliminate nausea associated with motion sickness! What more could you need?

Why do people get sea sick?

Seasickness does not only occur on a boat threading the open seas. It also occurs with diving into the depths of the ocean. This is caused because your brain does not know how to deal with the different conflicts between the ear, eyes, and body. 

How to prevent sea sickness?

The NoMo Nausea band is designed to alleviate the side effects of seasickness. Regarding the solution for nausea with anticonvulsant medication, no worries, the NoMo Nausea band will remove the feeling of dizziness and drowsiness just by putting it on. The sweet smell of peppermint and menthol wisp away any problems and sooths the brain with its aromatherapy techniques.

A way to avoid this from happening is wearing the band earlier so the nausea stops before it starts. The aromatherapy of the peppermint oil helps open the nasal passageway which allows more oxygen intake into the lungs and the brain. The acupressure bump on the band stops the motion sickness by ending the signals sent to the brain that gives the queasiness. Try the innovative No Mo Nausea band today!

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