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UFC Celebrities get nausea relief during MMA Mixed Martial Arts Training

Jul 06, 2014


jacqueline darna

UFC Celebrities get nausea relief during MMA Training

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training is intense. How do I know, because I am the wife of a ex-professional MMA fighter.  I remember when he was cutting weight for a fight, I too lost weight because I didn't want to eat in front of him or I would wear my bathing suit in the sauna while he was in sweat pants, a hoodie, and trash bags. I was considered the medic during anesthesia school, giving IV's for hydration post weighing in or draining the blood from the recent ear trauma also known as cauliflower ears. 


   Most get nauseous with sparring, Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, exhausting plyometrics, and much more. In college I use to take MMA lessons at a nearby gym.  After grappling for hours, running until my calves ached, boxing, kickboxing, and flipping tires that were twice my size, I had many moments of vomiting.  My coach use to say you weren't working hard enough until you puked.  I now know that is not the case.  When people lift heavy weights the bodies natural reaction is dictated by the vagus nerve which decreases your heart rate and in turn causes you to vomit.  The No Mo Nausea Band can help stop the nausea before it starts.  It is waterproof so it will stay put at the P6 acupressure point on the wrist & sweating has no effect on the aromatherapy. So train like a fighter & don't let nausea make you tap!





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