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Cycle Your Way To A Nausea Free Day

Sep 04, 2015


jacqueline darna

Cycling can be a fun way to reduce stress and stay healthy. As the wheels on the bike go round you are lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease and improving your balance and strength. Did you know that cycling can also help lubricate your joints?  This eliminates joint aches & pains naturally! Why some consider it to be a low impact exercise cycling can lead to dehydration and with dehydration comes nausea & headaches. Always remember to stay hydrated. Exercise in general helps to alleviate upset stomach by two principles: neuromodulation & increased gastromotility.  Neuromodulation is a fancy word for tricking your brain into thinking it is not nauseous or have a headache.  In the same way the No Mo Nausea Band's transdermal peppermint aromatherapy 
gives a cooling sensation causing you to focus on the band and the acupressure and not feeling sick to your stomach. Exercise also helps push food down, this is what increased gastromotility means.  Remember the wheels on the bike go round and round while helping tummy problems go down. 






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