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Make Airplane rides Managable

Jul 17, 2014


jacqueline darna

 I remember when I turned 13, I was given a certificate to ride along in a small plane down to Marathon Key, Florida for lunch. I fell in love with it. I soon starting getting lessons to fly and almost to the point of flying alone. The one thing that held me back was my stomach. Every time I would get off the plane, I would throw up. The instructor was scared to let me go alone. If the No Mo Nausea band had been around then, who knows, I could've been an incredible pilot! 

When your flight is going up & your stomach bottoms out...turn to the No Mo Nausea Band to avoid using the barf bag.  In my opinion, little planes are the worst.  Turbulence throws around the little tin plane and I feel like my name changed to Ralph.  Every-time I fly I make sure to wear the No Mo Nausea Band on my wrists.  Anytime I get queasy, I just smell the band & the natural peppermint aromatherapy helps to calm my stomach.  Happy flying from the No Mo Nausea Band!    


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