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Anxiety caused by throwing the party of the year!

Jul 20, 2014


jacqueline darna

 Any moms out there plan their kids parties a year ahead of time?  Well I do! My kids birthdays are massive celebrations, most inspired by Pintrest, that my husband states are added stress.  I stayed up all night baking this three layer skylanders cake for my sons 5th birthday.  Both exhaustion & excitement overcame my body & I started feeling nauseous.  This is reason #16 for purchasing a No Mo Nausea Band.  Luckily I invented it & we have a few samples laying around the house, so I put one on each wrist and went to the pool party without anymore symptoms.  Of the millions of jobs that I have: CEO, Anesthetist, wife, daughter, sister, ect... The most important one is being a MOM!

Peppermint Oil has been used for years and years to help ease nausea, vomiting, headaches, stress, and fatigue. Most of these come around when you are trying to plan the party of the year and begin to feel overwhelmed. Try out our bands and you too will see that it can stop all of these symptoms instantly.




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