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Plastics: A Innovative respectable Surgery

Sep 29, 2015


jacqueline darna

 Millions of People get plastic surgery every year. The use of silicon  and other plastic based products have taken over western medicine and  are not going anywhere anytime soon. The use of plastic surgery has  changed the lives of countless individuals. Plastics are used for more  than facial reassignment, they also can be used for gender reformation,  and for reconstruction for patients following a mastectomy. All plastic surgery requires anesthesia that can range from a few minutes to hours.  The plastic surgeons who I work with are very meticulous and can take hours to get their patients bodies perfect.  Unfortunately complications can occur. Research your doctor prior to committing to use their services, discuss your procedure with your insurance company because some may be covered, and have a plan in place of who is driving you and who will help you recover if it takes longer than expected. 

Plastic surgery falls into a highly emetic procedure category, meaning that you have an increased rise of nausea and vomiting after the surgery. Vomiting is the most common  reason for rupturing suture lines. Plastic surgeons all across the globe have to turned to the No Mo Nausea Band to decrease post-operative nausea and vomiting, decrease tension upon the surgical incision, and ultimately better their patients surgical experience.  Did you know that the No Mo Nausea Band was named Surgical Product of the Year Nomination for 2015 and that we are Health Savings Account (HSA) approved?  That's right you can use tax free money to purchase our product, so stop nausea before it starts with the No Mo Nausea Band and be the person you have always dreamed of.




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