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Environmental Toxins- Nicotine, Gasoline, Nail Salon Fumes

Jul 30, 2014


jacqueline darna

Nicotine helps desensitize your nicotinic receptors to nausea and vomiting, but when you stop smoking and then pick back up the habit you feel nauseous due to the lightheadedness, ect.  When you kick the stick don't forget to sniff the peppermint within the No Mo Nausea Band to cut the craving.

The fumes from the nail salon cause dizziness, headaches, light-headedness and nausea. The inhaled vapors from the NoMoNausea band and peppermint aromatherapy reduce these incidence as well as the severity of the nausea. The NoMoNausea band is inexpensive so you can wear it sparingly to trips to the salon without feeling nauseous or dizzy during your pedicure.

Hydrocarbons found in gasoline can cross the placenta, there is no direct evidence that maternal exposure causes teratogenic effects (birth defects in early development) but it is considered genotoxic and warnings to newly pregnant women is advised. How do I know that pumping gasoline while pregnant causes nausea & vomiting? Because it happened to me while I was pregnant with my son. I actually had to call my husband, friends, & family to come pump gas for me because I would vomit every time. I wish I had a No Mo Nausea Band so I could smell the peppermint aromatherapy and focus on that to help me calm my stomach. This is another reason the No Mo nausea band can help you! Happy pumping ladies! 



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