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Reason #30 Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

Aug 03, 2014


jacqueline darna

Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing nutrients from food due to eating gluten. Gluten  is found in wheat, barley, rye, and possibly oats.  For these individuals eating gluten free is not a fad, but a way of life.  My aunt, pictured above, suffers terribly with Celiac disease.  She can’t even eat out for fear that the same cooking utensils that have touched gluten products might touch her food.  I have witnessed her days of nausea & anguish from eating questionable food.  I’m happy to announce that the No Mo Nausea Band calms her stomach and allows her to live her everyday life when these attacks occur.  She wears the band, plays in the pool, and eats her gluten free diet, and whenever she gets nauseous she smells the band for instant relief.  For me family is everything, and to think that my invention can help her with her quality of life brings a smile to my face.  Gastroenterologists agree that the No Mo Nausea Band can help decrease nausea and stop active emesis from mistakenly eating gluten products for celiac patients.  Happy & healthy eating, reason #30, from the promoters of a gluten free life, the No Mo Nausea Band!

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is an auto immune disorder that affects the gastrointestinal system.  Uncontrollable inflammation causes the swelling of the bowels via a histamine reaction.  Gastroenterologists that I personally work with love the No Mo Nausea Band because peppermint has been a doctor prescribed treatment for years J The aromatherapy of natural peppermint oil is a calcium channel blocker which functions to combat histaminergic cells to stop causing inflammation and to relax the colon for better nutrient absorption.  You will find the No Mo Nausea Band at some endoscopy centers, but don’t chance it, IBS is reason #29 to buy one.  (This blog post is dedicated to one of my best friends who is an IBS sufferer & I’m so happy I invented a product to help her with her disorder, love you!)

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