Adrenaline Rush causing nausea. Must read for rollercoaster & skydiver

Adrenaline Rush holding you back? Don't let it.




Heart is beating loudly, it feels like it is in your stomach, palms are sweaty, it's difficult to take a large breath, the sounds outside are almost clear because your so focused. You look down & go for it! An adrenaline rush is the outcome from the body producing an excessive amount of hormones. These hormones are called endorphins, and can be translated in the body as happy hormones. 

These happy hormones are a result of the bodies fight or flight sensation.  What the F?  By the F's I mean fear, fighting, or flying.  There are a lot more but these are the primary ones.  These surge of endorphins cause a rush of excitement, the inability to feel pain when punched, or the feeling that everything is being played in slow motion.  Your brain is on overdrive, and vomiting is the bodies inability to control such a surge.  This is why both newbies & experienced adrenaline junkies all get the upset stomach but the feeling of euphoria usually follows.  I personally know lots of base jumpers and they all say at least one person pukes on the plane before jumping, and then like dominos they all get sick.  Why suffer?  Acupressure at the P6 point on the wrist before getting on the ride, or boarding the plane, or before the fight can actually stop your body from getting sick because it surrounds your brain with anti-nausea hormones.  If during the adventure you feel sick just lift the No Mo Nausea Band to your nose & the peppermint aromatherapy can actually stop you from giving up your lunch.  Buy one today and experience life without limits. 






October 18, 2014 by jacqueline darna
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