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How to Avoid Sea Sickness

Dec 03, 2015


jacqueline darna

Charter fishing sounds like a fun way to spend a Saturday. Sometimes the deep blue sea might not be as calm as it could be and you find yourself focusing more on the horizon trying to keep your breakfast down as opposed to the potential dinner swimming below you. 

If you are fall victim to sea sickness, there is a solution and a waterproof solution at that! The NoMo Nausea Band is completely drug free and waterproof. It works by combining aromatherapy with acupressure. The band is composed of natural Peppermint Oil and Menthol. The menthol prevents vomiting when smelled. The Peppermint Essential oil travels thru your skin and the cooling sensation helps to prevents the feeling of being nauseous. Acupressure from the band provides long lasting relief that can actually stop sea sickness before it starts by providing pressure at the P6 acupressure point on the human wrist.  Visit for the exact location.  This pressure at the median nerve produces anti-nausea hormones that stay circulating in your body even after the band has been removed. Now you can fish away, no chum bucket in site!



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