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How to Make the Nausea Go Away During a Job Interview

Nov 30, 2015


jacqueline darna

Here's The Day You've Been Waiting For All Your Life! Graduate School Admission & Job Interview

It doesn't matter what kind of interview it is. It could be for medical school, it could be for your dream job, or it could just be for your first part time job. So no Sweat, right?
Yeah right. The bottom line is: Interviews are nerve racking. They bring nervousness, anxiety, and a nauseous stomach. You're so nervous, that your hands are sweaty and now you are starting to feel sick. You try to calm yourself down (while trying to also keep your breakfast down) but your stomach hurts and you just can't relax. Anxiety is a powerful thing that has a way to taking over your body.
However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With NoMo Nausea, you can calm your nerves and feel prepared for your interview with no sweat. The band uses aromatherapy and acupressure to stop the nausea naturally without having to put something in your mouth. All you have to do is simply slip it onto your arm three fingers down from the wrist. The sweet Peppermint oils that are infused into the band is mixed with menthol helping you to instantly become relaxed. The band comes in several different colors which is sure to match any outfit you choose to wear on your big day. Fear NoMo, you are going to rock your interview and feel cool, calm, and collected as you do so.



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