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Whats Good To Take for Exercise Nausea

Nov 23, 2015


jacqueline darna

Dehydration During Sports: Don't Be That Guy

With Thanksgiving approaching and the Turkey Trot Races quickly approaching, you can almost feel the heat of competition brewing around athletes both young and old. Well, that actually just might be the heat or the sun rays hitting you even in the winter months. With temperatures reaching close to all time highs this year, athletes must remember the importance of staying hydrated and keeping their body at peak performance. The side effects of dehydration on  the body can be minimal -such as shortness of breath and headaches- or it can  be life threatening in some instances where the athlete can experience effects such as heat stroke which could cause brain malfunctions such as memory l  loss or spastic muscle disorders.  When it comes to avoiding the climates, try to stay hydrated by bringing a gallon of water with you to the park and keeping light colored breathable clothing on. Performance geared clothing like compression pants or shirts are made to help with circulation, but allow your natural air conditioning system, sweat, to function. We at NoMo Nausea also suggest keeping on one of our sweat resistant, peppermint-infused bands to avoid nausea and vomiting if the heat does begin to affect your performance.  The acupressure can help produce endorphins that circulate even 12-14 hours after the band has been removed, and allows instant relief for exercise induced headaches by smelling the peppermint aromatherapy infused band.  The peppermint essential oil not only keeps your skin cool but helps to increase oxygenation when smelled.  Be prepared for your turkey trot and get one today to be the best turkey you can be. 



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