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What is Hyperparathyroidism?

Feb 10, 2015


jacqueline Darna

Hyperparathyroidism Symptoms & Solutions

 The parathyroid is composed of 4 small glands on the front of the neck.  These cute little glands, each about the size of a grain of rice, regulate the bodies calcium. The parathyroid glands are controlled by the parathyroid hormone (PTH).  It tells the parathyroid whether to make more calcium by breaking down bone causing calcium to be released into the body, absorbing more calcium from food, or telling the kidney's to hold onto more calcium and not let it go in the urine. If the body's calcium count is normal or too high, the parathyroid will shut down the amount of PTH produced and the calcium level should level out. 

   The primary disease of parathyroid glands is over activity where too much parathyroid hormone is produced (hyperparathyroidism). Under this condition, one or more of the parathyroid glands makes excess hormone regardless of the level of calcium. So imagine a broken thermostat, if it is reading 85 degrees (but the actual temperature is 65) the AC unit will keep pumping our cold air.  This is exactly what happens, one or all 4 of the parathyroid glands keep making too much PTH so the calcium blood levels are super high.  Symptoms of hyperparathyroidism range from mild to severe and include: abdominal pain, excessive urination, kidney stones, tiring easily or weakness, nausea, vomiting or loss of appetite, etc.

   There are some great natural ways to regulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands naturally. Check out this great list of 14 Best Thyroid Supplements, and if you are experiencing nausea or vomiting from the abdominal pain buy the NoMo Nausea Band on amazon. NoMo Nausea is clinically proven to work on areas of the body such as the stomach and digestive system to help stop 80% of nausea or vomiting in seconds using acupressure and aromatherapy of and can be used for nausea and vomiting relief. The peppermint aromatherapy reduces upset stomach and relaxes the smooth muscle of the gut, stopping the retching before you puke. The acupressure opposes the nauseating signals sent from your brain due to an inappropriate amount of calcium that your overactive parathyroid is producing. 

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