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Workout the RIGHT way. 4 must haves in your healthy routine!

Aug 12, 2015


jacqueline darna

Workout the RIGHT way!

Want to workout the RIGHT way? Just remember the letter R.
   Preparing the body for a strenuous workout is key. Make sure to eat a protein packed meal, stretch, have a workout aid placed ex: heart rate monitor (to keep you in the target heart rate depending on desired results), brace (apply compression to needed areas depending on your history), or No Mo Nausea Band (to avoid nausea commonly associated with heavy lifting or strenuous cardiovascular exercises) for better performance during the workout. 
   Keep your routine RANDOM. The body has an amazing amount of muscle memory, so keep it guessing so you don't plateau. REPAIR your muscles post heavy lifting with water to wash put the lactic acid, glutamine (an amino acid), and ice any pulled muscles to decrease inflammation. Last but not least REPEAT. A routine is key for mind and body. These tips were mixture of information given to me by my bodybuilding coach and what I as an anesthesia provider and biomedical physicist have formulated.

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