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Do nausea bands work?

Do nausea bands work?

Aug 29, 2022


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

YES! For thousands of years people have been using acupressure to help alleviate nausea. You will hear many natural remedies for nausea, but none have combined the 3 in 1 essential oil infused pressure bracelet for motion sickness or pregnancy nausea like NoMo Nausea. As a doctor, let me breakdown all the components as to why acupressure as an anti-nausea remedy works & do relief bands work?

Do nausea bands work

How to stop nausea fast pressure point?

Acupressure at P6, which is located three-finger distance from the first crease of the wrist in between the pointer and middle finger tendons, has been scientifically studied increase anti-nausea hormones which helps to block four of the five receptors known to cause nausea when stimulated. Acupressure and acupuncture is a natural antihistaminergic without any side effects. The NoMo Nausea Band is the combination of peppermint essential oil with in a waterproof, reusable, and recyclable stylish acupressure wrist bands.

How to stop nausea fast pressure points

Acupressure works via pressure so the bands might feel a little snug. Clinical studies have proven that you only need the same amount of pressure as when the nail bed turns from light to red. When using nausea bands alone like the old sea-bands, psi bands, or relief bands, you must wear both to get the maximum amount of nausea relief hormones produced and place the nausea bracelets on at P6 about 45 minutes before you plan to travel, jump on a plane, ride passenger in a car, coast on a boat, or even take the train. Nausea due to motion sickness can be caused by movement when your eyes, ears, and balance do not seem to be in the same zone. For example have you ever sat still in a car and when the car next to you goes forward, you feel like your moving backwards? That is the same miscommunication happening in your brain which is affecting the CTZ, also known as the puke center of the brain. 

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How to stop nausea fast pressure points? 

Pain, pressure, temperature, and touch receptors are all located within the same region of the brain. If you can distract the mind from sensing pain and focus on something else, you can effectively reduce the perception of pain. Imagine if your arm hurts and someone steps on your toe, I guarantee you will forget about your arm because now your toe hurts. By no means am I saying to increase pain elsewhere but instead use that distraction idea to help guide the mind's healing process. Acupuncture at particular points is an example that satisfy both the pain & pressure receptors to elicit happy hormone release. Massage of the surrounding area or the muscles compensating for the area is a good first line of defense. Applying icy-hot or a product like Capsin to change the surrounding tissues temperature so that your brain is constantly being tricked into bettering itself with increase blood flow as a secondary. You can stimulate the beta-endorphins, also known as anti-nausea hormones by:

1. Acupunture: 

Thin sterile needles are stuck at certain points in your body – acupoints. When acupoints are activated they stimulate the release of brain cells chemicals and endorphins similar to when stimulating deep-seated nerves. This makes your body naturally self-heal by blocking pain signals hence easing other discomforts.

2. Electrical activity:

Do you like shocking yourself? Probably not, but when you zap or give your nerve a jolt of electricity, it forces it to make anti-nausea hormones when applied to the P6 point. Applying constant pressure of at least 5 minutes at a time at this point provides the SAME electrical activity on the median nerve helps to ward off a hangover or before you go travelling. This is the concept behind the acupressure wristbands.

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3. Acupressure: 

Long lasting effects of acupressure at the specific P6 acupressure point found on the wrist produces anti-nausea hormones that can actually stop travel sickness before it starts! This point of the human wrist, which is located three finger distance from the 1st wrist crease in between the pointer and middle finger tendon must be in contact and pressed firmly for 5 minute intervals. Don't have all the time in the world to hold your forearm? For only $12 you can buy a NoMo Nausea bracelet that adds the instant relief feature of aromatherapy to acupressure. It's the best of both worlds. 

Where to put your nausea bracelet?

How to stop nausea fast pressure points


Is acupuncture safe in pregnancy? 

Listen to "Is Acupuncture Safe During Pregnancy? Pregnant Pukeology Podcast Episode 59" on Spreaker.

Acupuncture is one of the alternatives and complementary medicine techniques used for physical and emotional problems.  Pregnancy makes your body to experience physiological, psychological, and metabolic changes. You therefore both physical and emotional issues. But with acupuncture, you can banish most of the pregnant related issues. 

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Yes for the most part acupuncture is safe as long as it is being administered through an acupuncture specialist. But have to be used with caution to avoid risk such as premature delivery.  When used correctly, acupuncture can help relieve most of the pregnancy woes. It can help you avoid unnecessary medications while pregnant as well as birth. If you want to read more on the Risk vs Benefit of Acupuncture during pregnancy which was episode 59 on the best pregnancy podcast Pukeology. 

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