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How to Get Rid of a Migraine

How to Get Rid of a Migraine

Sep 05, 2022


Dr. Jacqueline Darna

Pain is what we, anesthesia providers, subspecialize in. Head pain, also known as headaches or migraines, is no different. The traditional way to treat headaches in the ER, regardless of the origination, is oxygen and pain medication. But neither help to decrease the reoccurrence of a subsequent attack.    

What helps migraines


Acupressure on the P6 point, as described by, has been shown to increase happy hormones to increase the length of time until you get another migraine. So before you go to a EDM or Rave concert with bright lights and loud music, consider applying to the NoMo Migraine acupressure band. And your risk of having a migraine after your eyeglasses prescription lens is changed is high. Stress, and not just on the eyes, or direct pain from dental procedures can trigger head pain. Ultimately get your hand off the trigger to stop a migraine from starting and you will get your head on the right track.
What causes migraines?
Allergies and cleaning products cause another histamine release that signal your nose to form mucus to block out the potential hazard. This nasal congestion backs up and you feel like you're getting a horrible frontal headache. So if you're allergic to pollen, don't frolic in an open  field of flowers without considering taking an antihistamine first. Other external factors like bright lights and sounds can be minimized to prevent a future migraine from happening.
what causes migraine headaches

How to stop a migraine?

Menstrual migraines, on the other hand, occur at the greatest fluctuations of estrogen and it is believed that it is the estrogen withdrawal that causes the added symptoms. These migraines are sometimes confused with temporal arteritis because of the throbbing in the temple on one side.  Unlike a migraine, the temples may be tender to the touch and are not accompanied by other symptoms. Temporal, or headaches on the side of the head, respond best to ice therapy when rubbed in a downward direction from the top of the hairline to the ear on both sides because those vessels are close to the surface. 

how to treat migraines


Headaches originating from the neck, usually sensed on the lower portion of the base of the skull, respond well to ice on the back of the neck when rubbed from top to bottom of the neck. These type of headaches caused by muscle tightening and pinching nerves in the neck help to decrease inflammation that usually causes the headache in the first place, hence why muscle relaxant and NSAID medications work. Are you on your period and your head won’t stop hurting? Regardless if you have a hormonal headache or a menstruation migraine just remember the acronym, “Got a head pain? Just remember I.C.E.”
I= Immediately get
C= Cooling Compress 
E= Essential Oil in NoMo Migraine
what to do for migraines
Foods that induce an inflammatory, histamine release, response are the ones you need to watch out for. Chinese foods using MSG, artificial sweeteners, dried fruits, and cured meats all have preservatives that help these foods stay good on the shelf, but cause a nasty reaction internally. Other foods interfere with enzymes in the liver that help breakdown common medications and give side effects of headaches due to a backup of these toxins in your body. These foods include: aged cheeses, alcohol, and citrus fruits.

Home Remedies for Migraine

New alternatives for treatment include acupressure at the P6 point of the human wrist to help increase endorphins, which help to avoid a headache within 12-24 hours after the pressure has been released. Aromatherapy of essential oils like peppermint have also been used as they are the quickest entry into the body, and function as a relaxant of the venous return allowing pooling of oxygen and vasoconstriction of the arterial flow essentially acting as a caffeine source.    
what causes headaches
 These 2 combination therapy can now be found with a product called NoMo Migraine now sold on amazon. NoMo Migraine is also used in hospitals to provide a drug free alternative for headache and migraine pain that integrate aromatherapy, acupressure, and distraction technology of essential oils. Learn more information about specific headaches and migraines relief from and why women are 2:1 more likely to suffer from migraines. So ladies looking for migraine relief, look no further and imagine a life with a migraine free day. 

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